Thursday, December 29, 2011

The First Trimester

I've been writing this for several weeks now. I can't think of anymore to add to it so here it is!

Thoughts on the first trimester
- 11/22/11 6:00 AM - oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!! No way!
- I interrupt James while he's showering. His response "really?! Awesome!"
- then for about two weeks and five positive pregnancy tests later still "No way! Really!"
{ & it still hasn't sank in }

Feelings on the first trimester
- why am I sea sick?
- &dizzy?
- blOOOOOOOOOOOOOOated beyond all reason
- Hank, did you just toot or was that me?
- holy moly meh boobies!!
- did I mention bloat?
- someone, about 25 miles away is baking cookies, I can smell them!
- OH! I need Mexican food, if I don't have Mexican food I'll just die!
(three days later)
-OH! I need Thai food, please oh please oh please. Palm Noodle Bar JAMES! Spicy peanut noodle curry bowl JAMES!!!!! You're the best! Om nom nom
And last but not least
- asleep by 9:00 every week night.
- I'm never eating anything tomato paste base again.

Findings on the first trimester
- I've found that keeping the news between James and I has been a really great experience.
Its like the calm before the storm, just the two of us talking about being parents, baby names, labor etc. It's been a peaceful and reflective few weeks. :)

- I've also found in keeping the news to ourselves that everyone's pregnancy is different. I went in expecting the worst & came out feeling better than I had anticipated. Sure there were a few bad moments of nausea and exhaustion, but for me personally it hasn't been horrific as others have expressed. I'm sorry for you all though. :-/

• Lastly, I can't believe we kept this to ourselves for more than a month! •

-April Jech

Monday, December 26, 2011

2012: the best is yet to come

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. I know we did as we broke our news to our families this weekend. We are still excited/shocked/amazed/curious/anxious/down right giddy. 
A lot of people have been asking our due date, it's approx. 07/18/12
We'll know more when we finally get to go to the doctor. Fingers, toes, legs, arms, nose hairs, and eyeballs crossed all is well with Baby Jech. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Iron & Wine

My dearest, most dearest in the world Ashley Love. AKA My BFF BFFLOMGLOL Etc.
Works at UCA's Reynolds Performance Hall in Conway.

Lets start off with the openers... Marketa Irglova and her band!
Phenomenal! I do apologize for these pictures they were taken BEFORE I figured out what the heck I'd done to my camera. Blast!


Ida from Iran... and I can't remember what her instrument is called but she ROCKED IT!

You might be wondering "Marketa, Marketa how do I know that name?"
She's from Once. Boom!
{side note, I walked down the aisle to the  instrumental version of this song 
redone by vitamin string quartet. Fun!} 

After Marketa finished Iron and Wine took the stage!

I don't know how I managed to "sit still" I wanted to dance SO bad but everyone was sitting and being good. Gah! Sam Beam was FANTASTIC!
I also want to say that his band was off the hook the sax player was SO talented. I wish I'd of gotten a better pic of him, he was kind of in the back...

After the show we were invited to go to the meet & greet! I was so excited I didn't even talk I just smiled and giggled GAH!!! Little did I know how wigged out I looked... I honestly didn't even remember if the picture was taken... yuh. STAR STRUCK! (I can mark that off my 30 before 30 list!) 

this is my favorite song from their latest album. 
if you get into it for real, check out the rest. they're wonderful!
Iron & Wine- Kiss Each Other Clean- Big Burned Hand 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas time's a-coming!

I'm so ready for Christmas!!
All the pretty lights, christmas trees, happiness in the air::: hows that song go....
Children Laughing, People Passing Meeting Smile After Smile...
Ahh yes.

The only thing I wasn't really prepared for is this brrrr cold weather!!!

Don't get me wrong, I love the snow... but I hate how many wrecks people have because of the snow and ice. It makes me so sad (as I was once a former victim of sledding on the highway with my car).
So to those of you who have had a brutal run in with the weather. I'm thinking of you!

I posted a "poll" in my right side bar for your favorite Christmas movie!!!
I love Christmas movies! Probably even more than Christmas music!!
Please "vote" on your favorite one, and if you want comment below and tell me why it's your favorite!

My favorite Christmas movie is "Christmas Vacation" I've watched that movie on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember (yes long before it was age appropriate for me to even view).
We would spend most of our Christmas' growing up in Central MO where my mothers family lives. We'd stay at my Grandma's house and watch Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve and we'd all laugh and laugh. We do our best to continue on the tradition here in Arkansas with the Anderson/Jech bunch.
Yes it's foul mouthed, but I couldn't care less. However our kiddos probably will already be in bed when we watch it for the first several years of their lives... :)
Anyway confession I'll even watch it in the middle of the year just to get a "fix". Hehehe.

If I didn't list a great movie, or your favorite please let me know! I wanna know what I'm missing out on!!

I know I'll blog between now and Christmas but I do still want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!
I cannot wait to rein in the new year, I know that 2012 has many blessings ahead!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ode to Tiny Prints

Oh Tiny Prints how do I love thee, let me count the ways...
You offer an insanely awesome variety of cards, labels so much more.
Your customer service blows my mind, everyone I've ever dealt with was amazing.
Your products get here QUICK --- I love that!
Your card stock is premium quality, makes me feel like I'm getting my money's worth.
Your graphic, text, and screen printing is beyond exceptional.
Ah, you're awesome.

I discovered Tiny Prints this past spring and have been hooked ever since!
They even did our Christmas cards this year and I LOVE them!
Check them out for your paperie needs Tiny Prints Link!

These are our wedding invitations and thank yous! I made them with Tiny Prints wedding company Wedding Paper Divas.
This company is just as amazing as Tiny Prints. They called me anytime they were unsure of exactly what I wanted and always helped me get exactly what I wanted! Love wedding paper divas! I plan to use them anytime I need something for wedding events.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Duck Season

Tomorrow is the first day of duck season here in Arkansas! So (and I'm sure this is a given) but James and I will kick off the season with a duck hunt on the farm. This will be our 4th season hunting together, the pic below is from our first year.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky Kind of Love

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!
This weekend (Sunday) James and I celebrated our 6 month marital anniversary!!!
We celebrated Sunday with my family at Gaskins Switch in Eureka Springs
I saw this gorgeous yellow tree and asked mom to take our pic beside it hoping the yellow would pop out... however she used her camera (and the flash :-/) and that part didn't turn out but LOOK! We have an ORB in our pic! Spooky!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a marvelous Halloween, cannot wait to see pics of everyone all dressed up!!

TODAY is Morgan (my brothers) 22nd birthday. I ordered him an El Dia de Los Muertos cookie cake!!! It's a sugar skull!! I can't wait to see what it looks like! Cookie Co said they'd never done one, so I hope they do it right and make it look cool!!!

Spooky Orb!
Six Month Anniv!
Witchy Costume
Next best thing to ruby slippers :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

April's 30 Before 30

April's 30 Before 30
Since James is honing in on the big 3-0 he's decided to not make a 30/30 list, but I'm sure his list would include some of mine, especially the hunting ones. And maybe the baby one but if we have a baby by Feb it'd be a miracle as February is 4 months away. Hehe.
Anyway, here's my list, hope it inspires you to do something new. Most of these are things I've never done, but a few are things I really want to do again.
1. Stay up all night
2. Go overseas
3. Fly upside down in an airplane
4. Scuba dive
5. Shoot a buck
6. Shoot a drake wood duck
7. Have a kiddo or two
8. Bike 75 miles in one day
9. Sing Karaoke solo
10. Horseback ride on my grandparents farm**
11. Visit my uncle in WA & go fish or hunt with him
12. Take my cousin Colby to a play
13. Eat the most exotic food at a raw bar
14. Watch the latest band play @ a music fest instead of sleeping through it
15. Rescue/Adopt doggie #2
16. KC Shopping spree with ALove (or some other awesome city)**
17. Learn to photograph on manual setting w/ my DSLR
18. Master forgiveness
19. & master confidence
20. Memorize & preform the Thriller dance
21. Find a church to attend
22. Dive off a high-dive
23. Donate my hair again to locks of love**
24. Weigh as much as I did on my wedding day.*
25. Be star-struck
26. Have the ability to make my own paper products. Cards etc.
27. Know what to do incase someone has a stroke, seizure, heart attack, injury, etc.
28. Weekend trip with my girlfriends
29. Teach Quentin & Carlie something awesome (I'll think on that).
30. Donate at least 1,000 $ to charities & foundations
*unless expecting or a brand new mom.
** repeaters--- things I want to do again bc they mean a lot to me.
- April Jech

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Harvest!

This past weekend we took a long weekend and went to Mulberry Mountain for their annual bluegrass music festival.
We always have such a great time, yes there's tons of hippies, but there's also tons of children and babies, like 3-5 month old ones!
There was more to do this year than the previous ones we went to. We camped with our friends Britton & Emma and Emma and I enjoyed their morning yoga as well as their hulahoop workshop. Both excellent workouts btw! And of course, as usual James and I were both asleep before 1:00 am every night, which apparently is not cool and we were suppose to stay up all night... I like my sleep, what can I say?
Spinning off the children blurb I gotta tell you they had so many activities for young children! Every morning their children activities would go on until about 4:00 and they did face paintings, dancing, and had this massive tent that the kids could go in, like a tepee tent. So cute!
They also had adult workshops that were really neat, in the pic above of the man with the puppet "That 1 Guy" he did a workshop on his hand made and created instruments, his music is different, but he is a sight to be seen for sure!

We had a wonderful weekend, however we missed our bed something fierce.
All in all, things at the Jech @ Hindsville residence are well.
Getting in the fallsie spirit and will tackle the rest of the Halloween/Fall/Harvest/Thanksgiving decorations tonight.
James is still actively working on the yard/ deer plot we have rye and wheat sprouting up all over!
Hope my sweet blog buddies are having a marvelous week! I'll post fall pics when done! :-)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


An orange w/black racing stripes SS Chevy Chevelle
Is now at our house!!!
This muscle/sexy car was James' 1st car, he was so cool he drove it to High School everyday. #swoon
Can't believe this nerd married the cool guy that drove the muscle car to school.
So now of course I'm trying to talk him into letting me drive it to work and back, and take control of the TAPE DECK!!!!!
I will have to bust out my old mixed tapes and such.
Anyway, it's exciting to have this project to work on.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Christmas Cards (aka ultra head start on the season)

I never thought I'd be one of "those people". You know, one of those people who start on Christmas stuff BEFORE Halloween, heck I bought these in September!!! What is wrong with me?!? I know this is apparent, I love our wedding & engagement pics. This is our first, last and only Christmas as newly weds so I had to take total advantage of the situation. :-) I love sending out snail mail too, and of course receiving cards and letters in the mail. Thanks to Tiny Prints doing this has been easier (and classier than ever) It feels so sincere and personal. Anyway sending Christmas cards had been one of my favorite things about Christmas for a few years now. PS just throwing this out there I have every intention of fully celebrating Halloween & Thanksgiving too. :-) Have a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our road trip pics!

Fort Collins CO- Tour De Fat 
New Mexico
 Garden of the Gods & Mesa Verde
Gothic & Crested Butte
Wildlife along the way

Monday, September 19, 2011

Day four

Day four is seven wants.

- I wanna ride. Got my new bike, but I've not gotten the opportunity to ride it yet.

- I wanna win. I wanna be like my cousin and uncle and win stuff! They enter contests, raffles etc and always WIN! No fair pass some of that luck on to me!

- I wanna rock. I'd friggin love to have a Beyonce body. Oh yes she is amazing.

- I wanna know. I'd love to be enlightened and have all the answers to problems so I could help my friends out in uncertain situations. Spinning off of that I would need them to listen and follow my instruction. :-)

- I wanna do. I want to keep a close, respected relationship with my friends and family. I want them to know and trust me as I them. I want to be an amazing friend a person could count on.

- I wanna jet pack. Or someway to only be at LEAST an hour away from my friends in other parts of this state, or my family in MO.

- I wanna kumbaya. World peace please, or at least "can't we all just get along?" we know that life's not fair ( hence me not having a Beyonce body) but I'm not mad about it.
I wish peoples intentions were good and pure and we'd all be a bit more mindful. I think that'd go along ways.

May the force be with you,
- April Jech

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day three

Day three is Eight Fears, ooh fun!!

- snake in my house. Snakes scare the crap out of me. Living in the country we have to deal with them being near on a regular basis, but if I were ever to find one in my house I'd flip my lid. Plus we'd need new flooring as I'd use my 12 gauge to shoots it dead.

- Hank being stolen. If Hank was taken from us I'd plot an attack on the SOB who would take him from his overly loving home. The attack would be so fierce and cruel that they would rue the day they were born. RUE it I tell you. If he was accidentally ran over I'd probably just... Well I don't want to even think about it. :-/

- identity theft. Identity theft really bothers me, only jerks still others identity. I think it's a pretty chicken$h!t crime to take advantage of someone through stealing their information on the Internet or while their backs turned. At least have the nerve to do some sort of face to face crime so someone can at least shoot you/whip you.
PS get a job.

- early departure. I hope that I get to live a nice long live. Or at least get the chance to be a mother and if I'm lucky a grandmother and bonus a great-grandmother.

- Alzheimer's. Losing your memories. Like I said on Day One, memories are so vital to me. To have this disease must be devastating. I can't imagine a world where I don't know who my children are nor James or anyone else. But I remember Morgan... I say this because in the end of my great-grandfather and great-grandmother's lives they remembered their siblings.

- Zombies. Eating my brains? Pass. Zombies freak me out for three reasons; everyone knows zombie-ism is contagious and a fast spreading ordeal. Your "fellow man" can turn against you, and three they can eat your brains.

- world wide plague. See above, plus more realistic scenarios like air born diseases.
I'm actually asking for a gas-mask for Christmas. {hint hint Becki}

- Social media/ Social outlets. I just recently had a discussion with my friend Ashley about this. I don't want my future children to have Facebook etc. too many freaky predators out there. I kinda hope the Internet breaks when the children reach 12.
Branching off of that. All of the drama on social sites sickens me. Everyone has the opportunity to say what they feel no matter how good or bad it is. For instance I read 40/29 News' Facebook page & on the night of the Joplin tornado they were interrupting regular TV to report the severe weather. People were going nuts on their FB page saying things like I live in Springdale I don't give a damn about these storms there aren't any here. The storms were still in the coverage area of the channel so of course they're keeping the masses updated. It is so sad to think this is where we are in this day and age. I really want to have faith in our fellow humans but seeing things like this and cyber bullying, it just goes all over me.

- April Jech

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day two

Day two is nine loves.  This proves to be much easier than then 10 secrets.  I Love:  - James. I can't imagine my life with out him. Sappy I know but we really compliment each other and we get along splendidly. Even more sappy he makes me so very happy and to me he's the hottest guy in the world. {Swoon} - Hank. Where would we be without our darling fur baby? He is the best and we are crazy about our lil man.  - friends. I've said this plenty of times but I love my friends. They are really good to me and I try my best to be good to them.  - Children. If I could surround myself in something it would be children and pets. Weird combo perhaps but they all offer one thing, unconditional love. Plus the kiddos that I am around are a HOOT!  - family. My family I've had all my life and my new family I luckily got to marry into. Everyone always talks about having that "one crazy family member. You know, every one has one." I have yet to find that on either side of the family so that means one thing. It must be James, surely I am not the odd man out. Yup, it's James. :-) - memories. I cherish my memories. Of some of my family and friends this is all I have left of them. I hear a song and think of the "good times" or smell a smell and it takes me back. Go down certain streets and I remember a fun driving story. This to me is pretty bittersweet. You get to relive a moment but it really is only for just a moment as well.  (now to the more materialistic things)  - new bed. It rocks!! It's nothing fancy but man is it a vast improvement over our last bed. Even Hank is in heaven. He cuddles with my every morning and I have to coax him out when it's time to go to work.  - Chacos. I got a pair a month ago or so and wish I had them years ago. I west them almost every day and don't give a damn if they don't match.  (last but not least) - beer. I love beer. It's a hobby of mine that I often partake in. Don't get me wrong I love my new biking hobby, tv watching and taking photos but I really love beer. Namely dark beer now. I think I've become a bit of a hop-snob. The darker the better! Don't be intimidated by the dark beer it often tastes of coffee or chocolate. Mmm!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 1

Day 1 is suppose to be 10 secrets, well I find secrets to be a bit elementary so I'm going to tell you 10 things you probably don't know about me that I don't mind sharing on the Internet.
So! Here we go: 10 things you probably don't know about me that I don't mind sharing on the Internet. In no particular order.

- I play out scenarios in my head. Arguments/conversations with people I may or may not see or acceptance speeches of things I may or may not do.
Think: Taxi Driver "you talkin' to me?"

- When I was in 4th grade I would "flex/squish" my butt muscles when I walked past a boy who I thought was cute. Apparently I thought a nine year old boy would fancy a "tight looking booty".

- I have a terrible habit of over-relating to characters on the TV shows we watch. I get so sucked into shows like Dexter, Weeds, Sopranos & Trueblood that all of the sudden I want to be a gangster drug dealing fairy that kills serial killers and has vampire for a husband.
When I was in elementary Harriet the Spy was popular--- kinda thought I was a spy for like a month.

- I acted as if I was special needs in Tech basketball camp to be the comedic relief of my friends that I played basketball with. Hindsight- bad idea and I apparently needed to be "that" person to gain approval. Yikes young April!

- I still count with my fingers. Old habits die hard. I can do mathematics on paper but in my head alone, forget it.

- that being said. I'm right hand challenged. I cannot do anything with it but run a mouse on a computer. I'm surprised it's stuck around. Being this "useless" you'd think it'd pack up and move on.

- I can't say no. Not even to telemarketers. It's so painful for me to "let someone down" even if it's not in my best interest and for the other persons own personal gain. "Would you like to open a _______ credit card today?" me "oh gosh geese ma'am I don't really think so I really don't need another credit card gosh umm no?? Sorry!" Ah!!!!

- I'm boycotting Mossimo from target. Their clothes shrink like mad. Grr! Done with you!

- Misinformation grinds my gears. We went to a brewery in CO and they were talking about states with 3.2 abv in beer & this man piped up and said "Arkansas is that way too" I wanted to hit him. Seriously. No one dogs Arkansas we have normal beer here! You just apparently can't buy it on Sundays except in a few towns like Eureka. Bastard. I still want to hit him.

- I've made Christmas 2011 my bitch this year. I've gotten so many ideas this year for gifts that I've gotten all the children in our lives done as well as most of the moms in our lives. Boo-yah.

There! That's 10! :-)

- April Jech

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hi there.

I've not abandon the blog I promise! We've been back from CO for about 10 days now and it was wonderful. James and I had a blast together. We hit up Cortez CO to see the Mesa Verde 2 days in the fantastic Telluride Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods (saw a FLIPPING snake) The fantastic Boulder CO wheee I'm ready to move now. 2 days I'm Estes Park And Ft. Collins (another place I'd move to) The trip was perfect we really enjoyed ourselves and had no real agenda just had fun! I took about 800 pictures and haven't really had the energy to go through them. CO was wonderful but the weather/humidity or lack there of wasn't kind to me. Since getting back I've had this head cold thing going on and I'm just zapped. I do plan on a picture post when Ito through the pics and edit everything! Since we've been home we hit the ground running. We are now tackling the 700 sq. ft. bonus room above our garage. We've been painting and working up there. Honesty time: I blow at painting. But painting and 2 glasses of red wine make it a bit more tolerable. Oh yes and Pandora. Team work! This past Saturday on 9-10-11 I participated in the Alzheimer's awareness walk in Springdale such a sad disease it is obvious that it crushes all who are involved. One woman spoke and said something to the effect of my husband was diagnosed a few years ago and we lost him this spring, however I've been mourning him for years. A marriage of 53 years and towards the end he didn't even recognize her face. Also something I've learned odors not just an "old person disease some confirmed cases are ad old as 30. It was a good awareness program I'm glad Natalie created a team for us. I went to Conway/LR later Saturday to attend a wedding and spend some much needed quality time with my bestie, Ashley LOVE. Ash & I had a ball we went shopping in Conway & LR. Went to the promenade & hit up an adorable kids store called Crazy 8 where I got Q & C cute stuff!!!!, Swooned at Anthropologie & DWS and ate at the fantastic Big Orange. Ahmazing!!!!! Anyway Jen Fort posted a cool post--- 10 things about me. I'm thinking about tackling that. We'll see if my ADD can start & finish it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!!!
I've been so excited about what "I'm loving" this week that I almost wrote this entry yesterday!

I'm loving that soon we'll have our very own tandem bike!!
I cannot wait to play with this bad boy.

I'm so excited about it I even have a bell all ready for it!
And Lastly
I'm loving that we'll be on vaction soon! We're going with no agenda but we do know that we'll visit
- Colorado Springs
- Denver
- Estes Park
- Fort Collins
and we're hoping many little quaint stops *and local breweries* along the way!

Do you have any suggestions? I've never even been to Colorado!! Excited!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

There's an App for that...

I've been a card (phone) carrying member of the Smart Phone society for at least four years now and I must say I do not intend to ever go back. I love my iPhone & iPad. I utilize them everyday.
Here's some of my favorite Apps

- Lose it
I can log my exercise & calories on the Lose It app & keep myself in check with other Lose It members Like my Aunt & Uncle. They can see your progress only so they're like Santa, they know if you've been bad or good!

- iMap My Ride +
this App GPS to map your hikes, walks, runs, rides whatever you wish. The "real time" shows you exactly where you are, your average MPH, calories burned and how long you've been exercising. Bonus the "+" let's you post your exercise on Facebook, twitter etc. This holds me accountable to keep it up and go faster & longer! Viva la Bicycle Rides! :-) (I'm hooked)
Side note- thank the lord I'm hooked if my arse got any bigger I was going to freak out

- Instagram
I can go on and on about this app as I've done before , but I'll spare you. Let's just say your pictures + Instagram = much cooler than before.
Plus just an FYI #hashtags are so popular there for exposure and the Instagram community is really friendly & supportive!

- Camera+
square not your thing? They camera+ for editing as well. It's impressive! (no camera+ community but you can share your camera+ pics anyway you wish)

- Pandora
I'm sure everyone knows about pandora, it's amazing and then infinite musical possibilities for FREE make it one of my most used apps.

KIK is like text messaging but you don't get charged for texts just your Internet usage! Perfect for Ashley Love and I when we have full-blown-probably-should-have-just-called-you text message conversations. Downside- sometimes you don't always get a pushed notification that someone has sent you a message.

- Pocket God
This game is .99 cents and updates with new "challenges" weekly. It's a fun guilty pleasure.

- Cartoonatic
Our Niece Carlie loves this app with a touch of the screen you can be several different styles of comic/sketch/cartoon images. Pretty cute huh?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our First Night

In the new house...

We've been moving things in slowly over the past couple weeks, last night we decided that we were situated enough to start staying the night there instead of the old house. We have a new bed and mattress and finally got to put them to good use. The bed is awesome!! It's quite a bit softer than our last bed so I slept like a champ. Even Hank this morning got up on the bed, did a couple of circles and laid down. He looked at me and said "I now know what heavens' clouds feel like, Rammy" and he continued to stay in bed until I made him get out!!
Right now we're toying with the notion that we will not have a TV in our house. We're also toying with the notion of not having any Internet in the house until we are done paying bills on the house and start paying only things like... electric, water, mortgage so on and so on. So what to do with our down time...
So far we have not had any down time in several weeks. We work on the landscaping, clean the house, keep the garage up, pack up old house, unpack into new house- find places to put things. Sort through EVERYTHING you should see my consignment/donation pile. Last night we worked on the house until 10:30 and decided to take a break. So I busted out some old college papers of mine from a Family Communications summer session class circa 2005 and read on. Oh the tales of how my parents supposably met (still fuzzy on the details). And more of the notable fights my brother and I had had in our childhood. Made me miss being young & made me really miss college. I get "down and out" about this time every year because I do miss College, UCA, Conway and most of all my darling Ashley. We met around this time 8 years ago.
I love & miss you Mabash!!

I'll post pics of the inside of the new house when the area is suitable for photographing.
What would you do with your down time if you were without TV & Internet?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tour De Cure 2011

I'm so excited to say that I'm riding in the 2011 Tour De Cure.
I'm no professional by any means but I feel a great joy to have this challenge in my life and cannot wait to tackle it. 
Plus it's for a great cause, to END DIABETES! I've known too many in my life that have suffered with Diabetes and we all know that it's no joke. 
All the money you donate will go to the American Diabetes Association to help find a cure for Diabetes.

Support Me in Tour de Cure!
I will be cycling in the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure fundraising event. I'll be riding in honor of Bernice Milburn. (My Husbands amazing grandmother) Please support me with a donation by selecting the "Sponsor Me" button. Our efforts will help set the pace in the fight against diabetes. So let's get in gear and ride to Stop Diabetes!
Help Make a Difference in the fight against diabetes!
Each mile I ride, and the funds I raise will be used in the fight to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

No matter how small or large, your generous gift will help improve the lives of nearly 24 million Americans who suffer from diabetes, in the hope that future generations can live in a world without this disease. Together, we can all make a difference!

Thank you for making a generous contribution to this cause that is so important to me!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Over Connected?

I've been thinking about this subject for awhile and often wondered if anyone felt the same way.

You can:
call me
text me
email me at two different email addresses
facebook me
twitter me
linked in contact me
ebay message me
etsy message me
amazon contact me
instagram contact me
blogspot comment me
google+ contact me
kik me
gmail chat me
oh yeah and physically see & verbally speak to me

that's a lot of contact avenues.

I'm starting to feel a bit "bogged down" and over whelmed about it all.
It's nice to be easily contacted (I think?) yet it's kind of dangerous.

You can, that is if you really wanted to and tried figure out where a person is, where they're going and who else is out with them. From there you can go steal stuff from those people because after all you know they're not home now. They're "At the mall with ____ ____ and ____" that could be "mom dad and sibling" and your parents are none the wiser that you just outed that their house is empty.
Maybe I watch too much dramatic fictional TV but I feel that it's something to be of concern.

Kids and the Internet... I remember when I was in high school my aunt telling me about a woman who had a blog and on her blog she discussed how many weeks she was along in her pregnancy... a week before she was due someone some stranger who did their freaky stalker homework found her and physically took her unborn baby from her. SICK SICK. I've not heard of anything like that happening in quite awhile here in America (that was in MO by the way) but maybe people are protecting themselves better now.

I'm no expert but I know that when we have children James & I will be doing a lot of tightening up on our social-network avenues.
 Such as...
Facebook, I really don't want to be one of those moms that will not post pics of their children I don't think that's the problem. but if I were to offer a solution one would be to re-examine ALL of your friends lists and take off people who you wonder "hey, how'd they get there?" also did you know you can make a sub-style friends list. like I have one that is just simply "family" so if I post say a picture of little (insert whoever's name here) the only people who are actually friends with me on fbk that can see is are people in my sub-friends category "family". The only people that can see it on their page have to be in my family sub-list. IF that family member wishes to show the most adorable pic ever in the world to their entire world they can have that option to "post" it themselves.

Weird friend request story: I had someone add me a few months ago that I did not recognize, so before accepting I went to their facebook wall where we apparently had like 20 friends in common... this person was from and currently lived in New York (so said his bio) a "mutual-friend" of ours said "wow, you know a lot of Madison county people, are you from here?" The person replied back and said "no but I'm wanting to get to know people in your area"
WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!?!?!?!? Needless to say: DENIED! Ick! 

Now back to you... get RID of the year on your birthday on Facebook do you know how many times you've used that information for security reasons? "What's your mothers maiden name? What's your full birthdate?"See? Make your profile practically invisible to anyone that is not your friend. Get rid of all those "games and applications" those especially are crawling with virius' and bugs.

Protect your self from hackers and hacking systems. Get an antivirus, mal-wear protection and a firewall.
"But I'm on a Mac I don't need any protection" Yes, yes you do, no system is safe!! Make sure you keep your software updated on both PC & Mac. From what I've read with Mac your software updates also include defenses for your computers security.

Change your passwords often and make them complicated, a combination of word number and capitalization are generally the way to go ex. "blue123SKY" and so forth.

I heard yesterday "the only safe computer is a computer that is unplugged" meaning when you're not using it, turn the internet off, unplug your router etc. They're now making spyware that can get into your wireless router for information and also install keystroke software.

That being said, Internet shop at a minimum... most likely no site is 100% safe.

I LOVE technology so very much. I love that we can share anything we want to with the masses friend family or otherwise. The otherwise is my deepest concern.

All that being said, I've lost a lot of my nerd-wisdom and am not exactly caught up in what the best software protection is, but with a bit of research and help I can bet you'll be on your way to a more protected computer.

How are you protecting yourself?


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Wedding Video--- Clip!

We got our wedding video back this week & it's amazing!! Our videographer was so kind to put a portion of the video on the internet so I could show friends and family all of the "before the ceremony" stuff.
Thank you Aaron!!!

James & April from Imagine Film Company on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm LOVING Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! Everyone! I hope it's treating you well
Lets get right to it HERE is what I'm loving!

My new doo!! I donated 10" of my very own hair to Locks of Love!!

We've been spending a lot of time at the lake, it's been wonderful and cathartic for all of us.
We even bring Hank with us! As you can see in the pic below, we've been having a blast, relaxing, fishing and swimming. best part... hanging with Quentin & Carlie!!! Q has become quite the fisherman, he's caught several blue-gills and even some hybrid-rock-bass type fish!! Go Q!!!!
Carlie B and I can't seem to stay out of the lake, she's turned into a FISH! Their swimming skills have improved so much since last summer. I'm so proud of them!

I have a little secret, I'm starting to fall in love with our spec house. We go up there every night and work on it, watering the new yard and the new landscaping. We've also decided to finish out the above the garage space giving us 700 extra square footage of awesomeness. I look at that room and see SO many possibilities.
I've been trying to convince James that we just need to live there for 2-5 years and let the market turn around. This house is perfect for entertaining and starting a new family. Even Hank likes it!
"Sadly" James is firm on selling it, so it will be on the official market soon.  Lucky buyer.

Lastly I love my furbaby for overly enjoying himself, this is a pic of him up at the spec house, we let the hose run a bit too long and he lavished in the muddy goodness. I love him but I do not care for his doggie instinct. He's also gotten a bit more protective/lovey dovey over me these past few months. I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with me but then I realized... after James leaves for work he hops up in the bed and cuddles with me plus I'm the treat giver so of COURSE he loves me!! I let him do whatever he wants! HA!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

8 Expectations for a Great Marriage « Marks Blog

As you may know, I'm not an expert at marriage; seeing as I've only been married four days shy of three months. :-)
But a friend of mine, Brittany posted her advice about marriage and I thought it was a good idea. Someone sent me this link a few weeks ago from Mark Merrill and I found it to be very resourceful!

8 Expectations for a Great Marriage « Marks Blog 26, 2011
July 8, 2011Posted By: Mark Merrill
iMOM, our Family First program for mothers, recently posted these 8 Expectations for a Great Marriage on I like it so much that I want to share it with you. I’ve adapted it to apply to both husbands and wives.

In marriage, knowing what to expect is half the battle!  So, here are some things you should expect in marriage.  Now some of them may sound negative, but they aren’t meant to be.  We just need to be prepared that challenges will likely arise.  When they do, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, or your marriage.

1. Expect Conflict

Conflict will happen, and that’s okay, if you handle conflict in a loving, mature way.

2. Expect Delays

Planning for your future is a great thing to do as a couple, just understand that things don’t always arrive on schedule – not babies, not raises, not health problems, not the sitter!

3. Expect Disappointments

File this in the, “you’re both only human” category. Your spouse will not be the answer to all of your problems.  Your spouse won’t be a mind reader or anticipate all of your needs.  Be prepared to forgive.

4. Expect to be annoyed

What was once appealing is now annoying. Be ready for that habit of his or hers you found so adorable while you were dating, to become annoying.  But remember this, there are things you’re doing that are likely annoying your spouse too. Cut them some slack and continually focus on their good qualities.  If you just can’t overlook what’s bothering you, talk about it in a loving, kind way.

5. Expect to think you’re doing more

You might feel like you’re doing more dishes, more laundry, more bedtime reading with the kids, more yard work, more taking the garbage out. You get the idea.   When you start feeling put out and put upon, take some time to assess the situation.  Then, instead of attacking your spouse and demanding more help, sit down and calmly express your desire to do your jobs well, and ask for help.  iMOM’s Home and Property Department Worksheet can also help figure out who’s best at doing what.

6. Expect to disagree with some of your spouse’s decisions.

Just because you are “one” in marriage, doesn’t mean you will agree on everything.  And, guess what?  That’s okay.  Respect your spouse’s right to have a different opinion than you.  Don’t shoot down ideas automatically.  There is more than one way to get the job done.

7. Expect not to be attracted to your spouse

This may never happen to you.  You might go through your entire marriage with the hots for your mate.  But if, at some point, you’re just not that into your spouse, pray that you will have a loving heart.  Also, look beyond the physical or lack of chemistry and fall in love with what’s good about your spouse.

8. Expect to be with your spouse until the end.

This is a mental safety net.  Even when you’re furious or extremely disappointed with your spouse, you will not think of leaving.  You can’t, remember?  You’re with your spouse until the end. This expectation also helps you realize that you might as well make your marriage as good as it can be, because you are in it for the long haul.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A sick obsession

I can't seem to get enough of playing with photos!
{as you can probably tell by my Facebook feed}
Editing programs, websites & apps have made it so convenient for the lay person such as myself to look like you may actually know what you're doing.
Now take a pic Miles Witt Boyer takes vs. mine and his blow mine out of the water. But here's the deal I've asked him to edit every single picture I take and his response is something to the effect of: April, I have a life. Now go play with your phone. (okay that's probably what he WOULD say, I've never asked)
I love it they look boss to me and I'm a happy camper.
Downside: James "April you're always on your phone/iPad"
"I know sweet pea I'm feeding my addiction"
If you've not checked out Instagram, you really ought to. {check your app store}
It's free & a good tool to utilize to see others creativity. There's so much beauty in this world and I get to see some of it one square at a time.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Put it in perspective.

Put it in perspective.

I'm sitting in our local DMV office and I noticed the dynamic duo of ladies that normally run the show here is now a solo act. A lady a few people ahead of me asks, "you alone today?" the clerical responds, "yep been solo most of this week. My coworker found out her cancer is back. Spread from her colon up, now there are too many tumor's to operate. Dr's gave her two years."
I come here often but do not know either of these ladies personally, but when I overheard this I almost burst into tears. TWO years. 24 Months. I cannot fathom. I feel so deeply for her. Here I take everyday for granted.

Still in line, think I'll hold my tears until I get back in the car.

- from the revenue office waiting room.

-April Jech
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holla-day Weekend

In a word, what best describes your Holiday Weekend?
My answer would be: FAAAAAAAAAABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday- Lake with the Family :-D Quentin has become quite the fisherman and Carlie is quite the fish! We fished & swam our faces off. SO fun, love how they bring the kid out of me. Fun!!
Sunday- Quality time with the Jech family & BBQ at the Anderson Family
Monday- worked hard on the Spec House! Plants, landscape, dirt work & concrete
Cleaned the inside again and James tackled the outside.
Wrapped up a good 3-day weekend with friends, food & firewoeks!
Side note: I wonder how much $$$ was done in pork sales over the weekend. I think every one had ribs!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Woah! It's Wednesday??

Well anyway here's what I love...
Do yourself a HUGE favor and read/listen to BOSSYPANTS by Tina Fey
Flipping hilarious you can thank me later!! I plan on listening to it again soon.
(yes i bought the audiobook to listen to, she's the narrator and it's hilarious to hear her tell the story in her voice!)
Another love--- thank YOU HBO & Showtime for the premieres of True Blood, The Big C, & Weeds.
Please, please bring on Dexter soon.
Signed, your favorite couch potato- AJ ;)

Let me expand on what I love...

Facebook now has a history feature. I was able to find all of my & Tamaras past conversations via Facebook and this snapshot is one of the last messages she sent me on FB. The last thing she said to me in general was on Halloween last year.

Also a big "thank you" to gmail for it's history holding. I found several old emails between us. Two personal favorites were of her talking about how much she was in love with Willie & the other was of her talking about how much fun she had on one particular girls night. :)

So, I love memories and photos because sometimes that is all you have left.