Monday, February 28, 2011

One of April's Projects...

Okay so I have like a dozen projects... but this one is almost done!! It's our slide show for the wedding reception! I wanted to share a few of the "slides" that I think are super cute!!

Needless to say James was a very "sweet" child and I on the other hand was a very "ornery" one, and I can only hope are children are more like him!!



Pretty cute huh?


  1. Very cute kids and I'm sure your little ones will have only the best traits of both you guys :)

  2. Very cute pictures! This was a fun part to see Denver and I both at such young and awkward ages. Denver's mom use to feed him M & M's to gain weight because he was so skinny....hehehe!

    Glad you started blogging... I started a blog right after we got married Check it out!


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