Monday, February 28, 2011

We're Sick...

No but really, we've been sick for over a week.

It all started last Friday... we went out with another couple to see one of our all time favorite bands, The Mountain Sprouts at Chelea's pub in Eureka Springs-- which so happens to be one of the smokey-est bars ever. Nevertheless, a no cover concert and a good hillbilly dancin' time.

The next day was an all out full blown Lowe's/Home Depot trip to buy each and every light for the inside and out of our spec. house and garage. It took what seemed like all day long... maybe because it did last all day long. Two Lowe's and one Home Depot store later we bought each and every single light and fan for the house.
A job well done was topped off with another couple coming out to our house for a cookout! By the end of the night April and one of our guests managed to polish off seven bottles of WINE. Needless to say the next day a hangover was born... and stayed until the afternoon... but there was still work to be done.

As you may know we're planning a wedding... well April is and James just gets to hear about it all the time. So that afternoon April spent several hours in town (yes we must say "in town" because we live "out of town" i.e. the boonies)
picking out bridesmaids shoes, accessories, reception decor, and other random funky wedding garb. By the end of the shopping experience it felt as though there was a baseball in Aprils throat.

To make a long story... a bit shorter
the no cover concert ended up costing us big...
a doctors visit
two prescriptions
and a steroid shot.

tylenol cold and sinus
tussin' dm
mucinex dm
and a humidifier.

currently we're sleeping like two old people with a humidifier going on each side of the bed while we're both doped up on cold medicine.

ahhh and they say romance is dead!

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  1. Such a bummer to hear you're not feeling well.. On the bright side, your photo looks amazing! :) AND your photographers love your new blog! :)


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