Thursday, March 31, 2011

30 days!

I can't believe our wedding is only thirty days away! The planning is over, the parties have begun and so have those fun tedious tasks. Hehe.
We're getting really excited. It's fun that other people are too. I think we're long over due for a good ol party!
We had a great weekend (which now another is upon us) James and I went to our friends house and a bunch of us had a ball bottling wine! I can't wait to try it when it's all good to go.
There's a lot involved in wine making. I applaud my friends for doing all of this in their rare spare time!

Wine Time!

Morgman and I took a day trip to LR.
We went to the oil marketers convention... And took took hwy 21 home :)

Morgans new puppy, Willie!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

a weekend away...

wow!!! this week has been crazy for us. James has been sick with a sinus infection and I've been going nonstop at work (my full time job) and wedding planning (my other full time job haha)

This past weekend I spent the day with my beloved Matron of Honor Ashley Love. She and I always enjoy showing each other a good time when we come to visit. Last time she was up here we at at the Green House Grille and shopped on Dickson St as well as Maude <3 This past weekend Ash and I hit up NLR to the Argenta districst. Beautiful area! Reminded me of a non-curvy Eureka! The tulips were in bloom and there were hip places to be. We even visited this killer furniture store called Galaxy from the moment you step into the door you're transported back in time to 1950's and on up. SO cool. SO do not have any room in my house for all the furniture I wanted from there err or a purpose. We ate at this killer cafe "The Starving Artist Cafe" where there are amazing art from floor to ceiling. Becki (James' mom) loves that place too!!
One of my favorites in the Cafe

Old Pharmacy


Sign beside the shelter... i believe the sign is suppose to say "donate to shelter" 

 Anyway Ash and I had a blast. That night we ate at the amazing ZAZA's and even Ando enjoyed it because we ate Gelato Mmmmmm!!
We did manage to do some wedding stuff, we made the program (dun dun dunnn)
Since then I've printed all 300 and some odd programs off and began the decorating process... this is taking a lot longer than I thought. So my mom and Becki are stepping in to help me out (THANK YOU!!).
Anyway not too much fun stuff going on. However this is defiantly the calm before the storm. My agenda for next month is out of hand. Every weekend is packed, and I'm very excited about it!!

Happy Friday!! James has promised to take me on a romantic day of fishing... long over due. :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

off like a jet...

Last night James and I arrived home around 10:30 and I was unloading stuff out of my car and into the house. I walked in to our dining room (no lights on), and out of the corner of my eye I was something black on the floor! I did a "double take" and it was a bottle of wine... it appeared as if it fell out of the buffet/cabinet door. I walked near the bottle (bare foot) to pick it up and my foot slipped! The whole floor was wet!!! But it wasn't from the bottle on the floor... So I flipped on the light and the floor was covered a good 10 foot span with a clear liquid! I peered into the cabinet and a bottle of Pink Catawba (turned sideways on a rack) had EXPLODED in our buffet cabinet, the cork "popped out" hit the red bottle of wine that was in front of it which knocked it into the cabinet door and fell on the floor!
How crazy is that!?! Have you ever heard of such a thing?!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh girls just wanna have fun...

This weekend was a lot of fun... I really think this blog post should be more of a picture blog rather than a word blog... because I don't believe many words can describe the following pictures.
All you really need to know is that this is my steal of a deal dress circa 1987.
And my buddy Trent and I had wicked plans for it.

PS Trent took the pictures, and I did the tackiest editing I could find on my acct.
We're thinking we need to submit them to Ellen for the "Bad Pictures Paid For" HA!

And that was only a Saturday afternoon...
Saturday night we went to the NWTF Banquet and I WON something!!! I WON a flip video camera, and it's actually pretty decent!!
My dad said we had to have this... you can see why...

And after the 80's photo shoot/ trash the dress
we let Hankerton in on the fun...

Isn't he CUTE!?

Sunday was our Huntsville Bridal Shower. We got some amazing stuff!!! 
Huntsville Wedding Shower Linkage!!!

If you're a sick puppy like myself and want to see some more of those gawd awful photos visit...
Gawd Awful Bridals Linkage!!!

Thank you Trent for letting me be a total ra-tard, and capture the moment. :-)
I mean what are friends for anyhow? HA!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Yesterday was a very awesome day for this bride-to-be, I took part in something that one, I thought I'd never do and two had a friggin BLAST: Bridal Portraits.
I can't explain how much fun it was!!! Miles our beloved photographer met up with my brother MORGAN and I at the lovely and quirky Bella Vista and turned into what probably should have only been an hour and a half session to a three hour mega accessory occasion (yay for girlie-ness!!!)
Miles and baby brother Morgan were very patient with me and I actually think Morgan had a bit of fun... Until he started throwing rocks in the lake and towards the geese... just about had a sibling beat down gown and all.
Annnnnyway hopefully it wasn't too painful for the guys!
After the photo shoot I met up with sweet, sweet Colby and Megan for dinner. This was one of those lethargic dinners where we laughed, we cried, we hugged, we  reminisced. I love my friends so much, and they accept me and my potty mouth (because they have mini-potty mouths too) tee-hee.
Tonight miss Tabitha is coming over for dinner and we both will have in tote magnum bottles of wine.
I really am not huge drinker... seriously... well a medium drinker I just like to blog about it because it revolves around 1/2 of my social events ;-)
Today was a good/bad day... After the photo shoot yesterday I called James and he told me that his dad was scheduled to have surgery today. We were nervous, and anxious to see what would happen today and I'm happy to report that Mike is in good shape that this surgery was a good move for him and he is on the road to recovery.
True side note:
I'm pretty sure Mike is in the top two of the sweetest men I have ever met, his father Paul would be the other (James's grandfather).

Lastly I want to leave you with some hope that I'm not all terrible, I asked my brother to come with us yesterday because I knew that he wouldn't drive me crazy (like mom) and stay out of the way, more or less... I may yet beat him about those rocks. BUT ANYWAY Morgan has experience in the prim-and-proper world, you see he himself has been in a gown or two...

Happy weekend y'all!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

trout fishing in america...

This past weekend was WONDERFUL!!!
A much needed break from our (believe it or not) pretty hustled lives!
We were honored to be invited by our friends Spence and Candice to go trout fishing at the White River outside of Eureka Springs (one of our favorite spots!)
The four of us stayed in a nice cabin at the Spider Creek Resort Saturday night, grilled out, drank wine, listen to all of our favorite music and just visited. The guys didn't even turn the TV on (impressed!!).
 I really enjoy spending time with Spencer and Candice, I admire their relationship, they love each other very much and it shines through their actions towards each other.

Anyway, they caught several fish... I managed to catch one. I think I lack the patience to just let the power-bait "do it's thang" and I must "reel" every like 10 seconds...

I was actually complaining how I never catch a dang trout anymore when this fish took the bait. HA!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brett Dennen

I'm participating in mama kat's weekly writing workshop...

1.) Write about a time a friend left you speechless.
2.) What would it take for you to pick up and move?
3.) A memorable neighbor.
4.) Write a poem about that time you were left behind.
5.) A song with significance.

I choose #5

In light of what this blog is all about, James & April and currently planning our wedding I'd like to blog on our first dance song. It's a lovely song by Brett Dennen.
We absolutely love Brett Dennen's music. We could listen to him pretty much every day and in fact we did there for a long while. I love the way his music makes us feel. We sing and dance and have a ball. I'm willing to bet we know all the words to every song. Anytime I turn on our iPod dock and listen to "whatever" he says "turn it to Brett Dennen!"
Last year we went to the Harvest Fest in Ozark, AR for a 3-4 day music fest and Brett Dennen was there opening night. We both took off a day and a 1/2 of work JUST to see him when really we were planning on arriving the following night, but since the schedule had him set to play Thursday at 7:00 we had to make sure we got there and were all set up at our campsite.
Anyway turns out Brett Dennen wasn't a HUGE ordeal for many other people there and has a small turn out down at the main stage... LUCKY US!!! We were right in front (well as close as we could be) and I packed along my new SLR camera and took oh, I dunno about 200 pictures of him and his band.

Anyway, we LOVE Brett Dennen, he is amazing, his music is the best and we have an amazing time every time we listen to his music and that is why we've chosen a Dennen song for our first dance as husband and wife :) 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

trust me.

"Will you let me know if I'm about to cut your face?"

"If you feel this on your ear don't let me cut it off."

Just a few quotes from the nights experience.

I trimmed James's beard two nights ago... and it dawned on the the following morning, "wow he must really trust me!" I mean honestly... I'm one of the biggest klutzes out there that falls, bings, bangs, and bumps stuff like daily. I feel pretty good about this!! Heck I don't know if it'd trust myself to cut things very closely around my face!

Did a pretty good job eh? I actually think he's going to keep it for the wedding. We've discussed "the beard" more on the wedding day then we have our attire. (that's pretty sad) He say's "What do YOU want me to do with the beard?" and I won't make the decision I said: either shave it by April 1st so where your beard was you get some color and don't look like two-tone, or keep it trimmed up and stop looking like a mountain man.
I LOVE when he keeps it trimmed up. Oh la-la.

Now if I could convince him to bust out the pliers and help me take this orbital out of my ear...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday...

If she were alive today, miss Betty Kay Monroe, a.k.a. Betty-Bean and Beano would be 11 years old. This angel, a masterpiece of God was our everything. We got her the day of my freshman prom and she ruled the roost from day one.
We still talk about her all the time, it's like she's still here. Love my little girl!

In wedding news, 
things are continuing to go smoothly...
Hammered out some details with the reception site and the rental place yesterday. I'm sure that's not the end of that though. Mis-communication is the name of the game!

In more "self involved" news I didn't break either of my diet commandments yesterday!

Hope you're having a lovely day!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sixty Days...

1,440 hours...
86,400 minutes...

Well, when you say it like that it kinda sounds like a long time...
but anyway 60 DAYS until we say "I DO!"

And exactly seven days until bridal portraits!
I admit this is something I wasn't excited about at first, "just me" pictures seem so vain, but I'm only going to do this once, so my beloved photographer miles witt boyer and I have a few fun and funky tricks up our sleeves to make this a fun experience! I can't wait!
That being said...
I started on a conservative diet TODAY, and it's only a week long so hopefully by this time next week I'll be a few pounds lighter and feeling excellent in my dress! I've read that if you "announce to the world" that you're going to do something you're more likely to follow through so watch out, it's going to happen!!

Thou shall not cheat on her diet!!
Thou shall do arm exercises everyday!!