Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brett Dennen

I'm participating in mama kat's weekly writing workshop...

1.) Write about a time a friend left you speechless.
2.) What would it take for you to pick up and move?
3.) A memorable neighbor.
4.) Write a poem about that time you were left behind.
5.) A song with significance.

I choose #5

In light of what this blog is all about, James & April and currently planning our wedding I'd like to blog on our first dance song. It's a lovely song by Brett Dennen.
We absolutely love Brett Dennen's music. We could listen to him pretty much every day and in fact we did there for a long while. I love the way his music makes us feel. We sing and dance and have a ball. I'm willing to bet we know all the words to every song. Anytime I turn on our iPod dock and listen to "whatever" he says "turn it to Brett Dennen!"
Last year we went to the Harvest Fest in Ozark, AR for a 3-4 day music fest and Brett Dennen was there opening night. We both took off a day and a 1/2 of work JUST to see him when really we were planning on arriving the following night, but since the schedule had him set to play Thursday at 7:00 we had to make sure we got there and were all set up at our campsite.
Anyway turns out Brett Dennen wasn't a HUGE ordeal for many other people there and has a small turn out down at the main stage... LUCKY US!!! We were right in front (well as close as we could be) and I packed along my new SLR camera and took oh, I dunno about 200 pictures of him and his band.

Anyway, we LOVE Brett Dennen, he is amazing, his music is the best and we have an amazing time every time we listen to his music and that is why we've chosen a Dennen song for our first dance as husband and wife :) 

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  1. Your blog has turned out so cute! I think I need some tips...


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