Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh girls just wanna have fun...

This weekend was a lot of fun... I really think this blog post should be more of a picture blog rather than a word blog... because I don't believe many words can describe the following pictures.
All you really need to know is that this is my steal of a deal dress circa 1987.
And my buddy Trent and I had wicked plans for it.

PS Trent took the pictures, and I did the tackiest editing I could find on my acct.
We're thinking we need to submit them to Ellen for the "Bad Pictures Paid For" HA!

And that was only a Saturday afternoon...
Saturday night we went to the NWTF Banquet and I WON something!!! I WON a flip video camera, and it's actually pretty decent!!
My dad said we had to have this... you can see why...

And after the 80's photo shoot/ trash the dress
we let Hankerton in on the fun...

Isn't he CUTE!?

Sunday was our Huntsville Bridal Shower. We got some amazing stuff!!! 
Huntsville Wedding Shower Linkage!!!

If you're a sick puppy like myself and want to see some more of those gawd awful photos visit...
Gawd Awful Bridals Linkage!!!

Thank you Trent for letting me be a total ra-tard, and capture the moment. :-)
I mean what are friends for anyhow? HA!


  1. I remember seeing a picture of you (on fbk) before I knew you. You were in this gem from the 80's and thinking: Either this gal is hilarious and I need to get to know her more, or poor james is marring someone with horrible taste! I forgot all about seeing it till now. I LOVE the photo shoot! And your editing CRACKS ME UP!! The red hearts are my favorite.

  2. awe thank you Jenny Dillon!!!
    you knew then we'd be fast friends.


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