Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sixty Days...

1,440 hours...
86,400 minutes...

Well, when you say it like that it kinda sounds like a long time...
but anyway 60 DAYS until we say "I DO!"

And exactly seven days until bridal portraits!
I admit this is something I wasn't excited about at first, "just me" pictures seem so vain, but I'm only going to do this once, so my beloved photographer miles witt boyer and I have a few fun and funky tricks up our sleeves to make this a fun experience! I can't wait!
That being said...
I started on a conservative diet TODAY, and it's only a week long so hopefully by this time next week I'll be a few pounds lighter and feeling excellent in my dress! I've read that if you "announce to the world" that you're going to do something you're more likely to follow through so watch out, it's going to happen!!

Thou shall not cheat on her diet!!
Thou shall do arm exercises everyday!!

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