Thursday, March 3, 2011

trust me.

"Will you let me know if I'm about to cut your face?"

"If you feel this on your ear don't let me cut it off."

Just a few quotes from the nights experience.

I trimmed James's beard two nights ago... and it dawned on the the following morning, "wow he must really trust me!" I mean honestly... I'm one of the biggest klutzes out there that falls, bings, bangs, and bumps stuff like daily. I feel pretty good about this!! Heck I don't know if it'd trust myself to cut things very closely around my face!

Did a pretty good job eh? I actually think he's going to keep it for the wedding. We've discussed "the beard" more on the wedding day then we have our attire. (that's pretty sad) He say's "What do YOU want me to do with the beard?" and I won't make the decision I said: either shave it by April 1st so where your beard was you get some color and don't look like two-tone, or keep it trimmed up and stop looking like a mountain man.
I LOVE when he keeps it trimmed up. Oh la-la.

Now if I could convince him to bust out the pliers and help me take this orbital out of my ear...

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