Friday, March 25, 2011

a weekend away...

wow!!! this week has been crazy for us. James has been sick with a sinus infection and I've been going nonstop at work (my full time job) and wedding planning (my other full time job haha)

This past weekend I spent the day with my beloved Matron of Honor Ashley Love. She and I always enjoy showing each other a good time when we come to visit. Last time she was up here we at at the Green House Grille and shopped on Dickson St as well as Maude <3 This past weekend Ash and I hit up NLR to the Argenta districst. Beautiful area! Reminded me of a non-curvy Eureka! The tulips were in bloom and there were hip places to be. We even visited this killer furniture store called Galaxy from the moment you step into the door you're transported back in time to 1950's and on up. SO cool. SO do not have any room in my house for all the furniture I wanted from there err or a purpose. We ate at this killer cafe "The Starving Artist Cafe" where there are amazing art from floor to ceiling. Becki (James' mom) loves that place too!!
One of my favorites in the Cafe

Old Pharmacy


Sign beside the shelter... i believe the sign is suppose to say "donate to shelter" 

 Anyway Ash and I had a blast. That night we ate at the amazing ZAZA's and even Ando enjoyed it because we ate Gelato Mmmmmm!!
We did manage to do some wedding stuff, we made the program (dun dun dunnn)
Since then I've printed all 300 and some odd programs off and began the decorating process... this is taking a lot longer than I thought. So my mom and Becki are stepping in to help me out (THANK YOU!!).
Anyway not too much fun stuff going on. However this is defiantly the calm before the storm. My agenda for next month is out of hand. Every weekend is packed, and I'm very excited about it!!

Happy Friday!! James has promised to take me on a romantic day of fishing... long over due. :)

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