Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wooden discs

We're using these at the reception hall to raise up some of our centerpieces. Our neighbor (remember in the country 'neighbors' can be next door or 10 miles away) who owns a sawmill cut these for me. He didn't charge me a dime, said that he was glad to and to consider it a wedding present! When I went to pick them up he said that he used a tree off of our family farm that my grandfather and dad donated to him. Wayne said it was off the oldest part of the farm-- great grandparents farm. Leo Sr. & Fern Anderson
So in a way Leo & Fern helped out for the big day for James Michael & April Fern!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bachelorette party!

Have I told you how much I just LOVE my buddies?
Mollie, Ashley, Tabitha, Colby and Megan treated me to an amazing weekend!!
Mollie, Colby and I rode down together to LR for our weekend get away to Little Rock. I was under the impression that Ashley was at home with her sickly husband and Megan was on a lunch date. Little did I know they were already down in LR at our suite they all bought for the night decorating!!!! Mollie, Colby and I met up with Tabitha for lunch then headed out to the Chenal Promenade to visit the ANTHROPOLOGIE store!!! AHHH!!! I was in heaven! After a little shopping we convoyed over to the Peabody where I walked into a awesomely decorated suite!!! Megan and Ash did such a wonderful job!! We all visited for a bit, I opened my "gifts" they all bought me and we played a game... 14 questions that were already answered by my fiance, James, and I had to guess what he said and if I didn't I had to "take a shot" we decided to switch that "shot" to a "shot of wine" nevertheless I had to take 12 shots because of his FIBBING!!! And just an FYI the pic of me laughing hysterically was taken shortly after those LIES! haha!!
The girls called a shuttle and we missed it... i wanted to bring the veil with us to the restaurant... no worries though because they called the shuttle back and just as we were walking in they were on the brink of giving our reservations away!!! mind you this is all buzzed April's fault. Nevertheless Tab handled it like she does and we got our table! Boo-ya!

After Cajun's excellent food and beverages we hopped back in the shuttle and found a face!! Attempting to make the shuttle driver crack at least a SMILE I drunkly named him "Juan Le" and Juan Le spent the rest of the evening with us!
From there we headed out to Ernie Biggs for a little piano play.
The pianist went pretty easy on me, even gave me a "high five" at least he didn't call me nasty names!
We considered going dancing, but by that time I had blisters on my tootsies and I knew Megan's shoes were killing her too. So we headed back, reminisced and talked about the future. Good times, good times.
I love my girlfriends!!! I owe them BIG! INCLUDING a night of dancing!!

Piano Bar

after the shots o wine haha
Making fun of my glowing "diamond" the girls got me. hehe
Cajuns Play-de-doo
the start of the big night!
Juan Le!

The Kiddos...

Guess what, we're getting married in eight days!!
Awesome bonus: I'll have an awesome mother & father in-law
Super sweet sister in-law, hilarious brother in-law
AND a niece and nephew that are AMAZING!!
I'll "officially" be an AUNT! Aunt April... Sounds sooooo nice! Yay!
Below are some pictures from from Carlie B's birthday party.
(all pictures taken by miss mollie!)

Carlie & I playing with Rapunzel barbie. I was on braiding duty, Carlie on brushing duty :)
James & Quentin playing Kickball
After much practice on Rapunzel Barbie, Carlie moved on to Uncle James' hair.
Princess Carlie & her birthday balloons
Quentin wanted to pop the birthday balloons soooo badly
Love this excellent candid shot! Go mollie!!
Love the excited beyond all belief eyes!
We've got ICING!!!!!!!
Baby Hadley playing in the soil
Q&C at her preschool birthday party!
I just love them!!!  I can't wait to see how hilarious they are on the day of the wedding.
Carlie has been "practicing" her flower girl duty. And Q's excited about being a ring bear, however truth be told i think he's more excited about passing out M&M's to wedding guests.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grow dammit!!

Neither one of us have a green thumb...
But I'll guarantee every spring we try our hand at it.
This spring I think may be the tipping point for our thumbs!

This is what our yard/landscape normally looks like...

And now thanks to Buds & Blooms this is what it looks like now!
We have flowers and greenery my friends!

I'm so excited! I'm going back soon for another peony and tiger day Lilly!
Now we'll see if we can keep them alive and well. ;)

Monday, April 11, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things...

Another splendid weekend in the neighborhood of the Anderson & Jech... For 19 more days!!!
We're very excited about the wedding and everyone we talk to is a buzz about it too!
This weekend was awesome (as usual)! Friday night I went to the home of Don & Sherry Bishop to meet with 1/2 the hostesses and Becki to open gifts for the next mornings shower... The Bishops house is amazing. A huge part of me considered packing their bags and house swaping with them for the rest of our lives...
The following morning mom and I along with Aunt Brandy and Colby went to the "display shower" where the ladies had displayed the gifts I opened the night before with the card beside the gift showing who brought what. It's such a cool idea I love that they did this for us! All the hostess' were so sweet, I cannot believe how nice everyone was. Becki has excellent friends!! Why is it I always want to make friends with ladies my mothers age and not my own?? Maybe if they have drama it doesn't appeal to me/ they actually have real issues in their lives/ they have life experience and I enjoy learning from the wiser? Combo?
Don't get me wrong I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my girlfriends that are my age. I do believe I've chosen very wisely. They love, appreciate, respect me and I them. We are also of the understanding that you don't have to communicate every day to know that you're "still cool" with them and whatnot. Annyway tangent over.
I love my friends from 4-80 years of age they all rock!!!
Saturday night/ Sunday morning I put out all the gifts and organized how I thought everything should be.... here are some sneak peek pics of the hizzy + there are a few pics of projects completed/almost completed :)

Gift/Project Link

Sunday was also wonderfulllllllllllllllllll Carlie B turned four this past friday!!!
We had a wonderful time with them at their home. I'm pretty sure Carlie and I brushed Rapunzel's hair 500 times! I love that Carlie is into the whole dress and dazzle thing. It is SO adorable! And Mr. Quentin is deep in sports currently. We played chase with him and carlie till we both nearly fell over. Q has started t-ball and is so excited and intrigued. I can tell that Charlie is eating the coaching up. He's being so patient and thorough with him! Gah we love them!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Party Time

Well it's no longer "the calm before the storm" it's here in full effect!
And we're loving every minute of it!
No longer can MY extended family say, " I hate that we only see each other at funerals." because this month has been and will continue to be full of events!
This past weekend was amazing!! Friday night my coworkers threw a pampered chef shower for us, we had a blast, it was extremely laid back and we had a ton-o-fun!

The next morning James, Jason & I went up to the spec house (which btw is DONE on the inside and ready to have landscape work done on the outside) it's looking wonderful I'm so proud of us! Whilecwe were there checking things out I decided to cross the field in front of the house and go play with the 30-some broodmares across the road. (aka breeding horses not exactly tame defiantly not broke to ride) but they're so sweet and several ran up to me. It takes just a bit to gain their trust, but once you do it's awesome. I plan on bringing them some carrots/apples/sugar cubes soon. Not too long after that the guys came over and had some fun with them too. I kept saying to James "I bet we could just load this one in your truck bed and take her home!" hope they have babies soon. I looooooove foals!

Shortly after that we headed to the beautiful Osage to gather with the Anderson/Hudgins/Jech/Milburns for a his side her side meet & greet. We had a blast! James' uncle Don & aunt Kathy threw the party for us. It was so wonderful and their farm is so beautiful. It's so cool to see everyone getting along and having fun! :)

We made it home after midnight, and i had to be up and attem that next morning to meet with a lifesaver of mine, our beloved wedding coordinator. She's truly going to save my you-know-what on decorating the reception hall and helping me out in general. I'm so blessed that she's doing this for us.

In terms of planning/plotting/constructing the day is becoming more and more clear to me. I can't wait to spend time with my bridal party aka my family and take some awesome pictures together, and finish up the evening with family and friends at the ceremony and reception.
James and I are SO lucky. Really, really, really.