Friday, April 22, 2011

The Kiddos...

Guess what, we're getting married in eight days!!
Awesome bonus: I'll have an awesome mother & father in-law
Super sweet sister in-law, hilarious brother in-law
AND a niece and nephew that are AMAZING!!
I'll "officially" be an AUNT! Aunt April... Sounds sooooo nice! Yay!
Below are some pictures from from Carlie B's birthday party.
(all pictures taken by miss mollie!)

Carlie & I playing with Rapunzel barbie. I was on braiding duty, Carlie on brushing duty :)
James & Quentin playing Kickball
After much practice on Rapunzel Barbie, Carlie moved on to Uncle James' hair.
Princess Carlie & her birthday balloons
Quentin wanted to pop the birthday balloons soooo badly
Love this excellent candid shot! Go mollie!!
Love the excited beyond all belief eyes!
We've got ICING!!!!!!!
Baby Hadley playing in the soil
Q&C at her preschool birthday party!
I just love them!!!  I can't wait to see how hilarious they are on the day of the wedding.
Carlie has been "practicing" her flower girl duty. And Q's excited about being a ring bear, however truth be told i think he's more excited about passing out M&M's to wedding guests.

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