Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Party Time

Well it's no longer "the calm before the storm" it's here in full effect!
And we're loving every minute of it!
No longer can MY extended family say, " I hate that we only see each other at funerals." because this month has been and will continue to be full of events!
This past weekend was amazing!! Friday night my coworkers threw a pampered chef shower for us, we had a blast, it was extremely laid back and we had a ton-o-fun!

The next morning James, Jason & I went up to the spec house (which btw is DONE on the inside and ready to have landscape work done on the outside) it's looking wonderful I'm so proud of us! Whilecwe were there checking things out I decided to cross the field in front of the house and go play with the 30-some broodmares across the road. (aka breeding horses not exactly tame defiantly not broke to ride) but they're so sweet and several ran up to me. It takes just a bit to gain their trust, but once you do it's awesome. I plan on bringing them some carrots/apples/sugar cubes soon. Not too long after that the guys came over and had some fun with them too. I kept saying to James "I bet we could just load this one in your truck bed and take her home!" hope they have babies soon. I looooooove foals!

Shortly after that we headed to the beautiful Osage to gather with the Anderson/Hudgins/Jech/Milburns for a his side her side meet & greet. We had a blast! James' uncle Don & aunt Kathy threw the party for us. It was so wonderful and their farm is so beautiful. It's so cool to see everyone getting along and having fun! :)

We made it home after midnight, and i had to be up and attem that next morning to meet with a lifesaver of mine, our beloved wedding coordinator. She's truly going to save my you-know-what on decorating the reception hall and helping me out in general. I'm so blessed that she's doing this for us.

In terms of planning/plotting/constructing the day is becoming more and more clear to me. I can't wait to spend time with my bridal party aka my family and take some awesome pictures together, and finish up the evening with family and friends at the ceremony and reception.
James and I are SO lucky. Really, really, really.

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