Monday, April 11, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things...

Another splendid weekend in the neighborhood of the Anderson & Jech... For 19 more days!!!
We're very excited about the wedding and everyone we talk to is a buzz about it too!
This weekend was awesome (as usual)! Friday night I went to the home of Don & Sherry Bishop to meet with 1/2 the hostesses and Becki to open gifts for the next mornings shower... The Bishops house is amazing. A huge part of me considered packing their bags and house swaping with them for the rest of our lives...
The following morning mom and I along with Aunt Brandy and Colby went to the "display shower" where the ladies had displayed the gifts I opened the night before with the card beside the gift showing who brought what. It's such a cool idea I love that they did this for us! All the hostess' were so sweet, I cannot believe how nice everyone was. Becki has excellent friends!! Why is it I always want to make friends with ladies my mothers age and not my own?? Maybe if they have drama it doesn't appeal to me/ they actually have real issues in their lives/ they have life experience and I enjoy learning from the wiser? Combo?
Don't get me wrong I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my girlfriends that are my age. I do believe I've chosen very wisely. They love, appreciate, respect me and I them. We are also of the understanding that you don't have to communicate every day to know that you're "still cool" with them and whatnot. Annyway tangent over.
I love my friends from 4-80 years of age they all rock!!!
Saturday night/ Sunday morning I put out all the gifts and organized how I thought everything should be.... here are some sneak peek pics of the hizzy + there are a few pics of projects completed/almost completed :)

Gift/Project Link

Sunday was also wonderfulllllllllllllllllll Carlie B turned four this past friday!!!
We had a wonderful time with them at their home. I'm pretty sure Carlie and I brushed Rapunzel's hair 500 times! I love that Carlie is into the whole dress and dazzle thing. It is SO adorable! And Mr. Quentin is deep in sports currently. We played chase with him and carlie till we both nearly fell over. Q has started t-ball and is so excited and intrigued. I can tell that Charlie is eating the coaching up. He's being so patient and thorough with him! Gah we love them!


  1. April, I just love your blog!! You are (still just as) hilarious. Good luck on upcoming nuptuals! Married life is wonderful!!

  2. Okay - I'm going with your ideas :) I will venture to the park to stalk moms! (that sounds awful). Oh oh! Maybe a mom gym class? Hmmm... Sounds like things for your wedding are ramping up! yay!! Great to talk to you today.


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