Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I've had enough water... It's raking on my nerves badddddd.
Sunday night we got enough water to wash our bridge out completely.
On the highway side it's washed out 5-6 feet, you can cross this by walking/crawling across huge stones on one side of the bridge. Once your over the highway side it's washed away from our driveway by 12-15 feet. No way you can walk across this on a board. So you get to jump from side cement blocks to a lower more narrow cement anchor type piece the. You get to walk up the hill to our house! James crossed the bridge in this shape Monday night when it was pouring. Scared me to death. If he would have fallen while crossing the cement blocks/barriers... I don't even want to think about it. Our hay in the field is ruined. It looks like a giant took a comb and raked everything down like combing hair. Our driveway is washed out big time. My car can't make it up!
At this point you're probably thinking, why in the world are you complaining?! Be thankful you have your house still and everyone in your family is okay and not missing you selfish a-hole! But to quote my dad (his latest over used quote) "are you bitching or are you bragging?". And I'll be honest I'm not bitching. It's been a trip.
Yesterday James emails me and says to pack a bag for tonight and tomorrow we need to stay with my parents--- tornados coming suppose to be horrible. I get like five emails from friends saying take precautions- violent and long lived tornados, shelf cloud this and that. Scares the heck out of me. For the first time in my life I'm scared of storms. Between the news coverage on Joplin, STL, Vilonia, Oklahoma, people talking about it at work, Facebook status updates from people, weather stations etc how could you not freak a little bit?
I freaked. Big time. I've never seen this side of me before (there's a lot about me I apparently don't know)! I went home at lunch, packed bags for us, grabbed Hank and his crate, brought my oldest Joy of Cooking cookbooks, my wedding jewelry, veil, garter (mind you they're one of a kind) I grabbed the charm bracelets my aunt has made for me over my lifetime, my grandmas brooch, other family heirlooms, wedding guestbook and my computer. I took a rubbermaid tub and placed some of our wedding gifts in it a long with the handmade quilt Mary Jo made for us and put it in a middle closet. All the while saying to James, "this isn't your wife ignore all of this right now. What the heck is the matter with me?!" he laughed but I do know his, he grabbed some of his one of a kind items as well. My survivor side is kind of impressive might I add. ;) I told Mollie on the phone "I'm going to grab a case of seven up, bread and peanut butter!" she cracked up! I don't know why I thought that's what we'd need but it sounded good to me.
Some people say you turn into your mother, but after yesterday I believe I'm turning into my mother-in-law!! Hope I get the artistic side as well! :) love you Becki!

After visiting with Megan this morning about my storm insanity I thought it'd be funny to take a picture of my most prized possessions, and then blog about it! Ha!

Speaking of prized possessions,
         I want to share with you a wonderful wedding present from a wonderful 84 year old woman, Mary Jo Sammuels. It took her three years to make this quilt. She calls it a conversation quilt. She said she would think of am old saying, write it down then go find the scene to match the saying...
It's beautiful! And it means so much to me because it came from her heart!
Please note these pictures do not do the quilt any justice. It's king sized and kind of difficult to capture the whole thing & still be legible.

This is my favorite patch that I've found. I like how her writing changes as she's worked on the different blocks over the years.

I'll leave you with a copy of a post our neighbor left on my Facebook wall... Cracks me up!

" Funny conversation on the way home today (by your house).
Ashton: Mom, I think April is going to have a hard time getting home tonight.
Me: Why?
A: look at her bridge it floated away from the dirt.
Me: No her dirt floated away from the edges of the bridge.
Brock: I know how she can get across.
Me: how?
B: she can drive real fast and ramp it and hope her back tires make it across. But if she goes fast enough I'm pretty sure she can make it.

Oh what kids come up with. ;)"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Celebration of Love

What a past few days, weeks, months, first half of 2011!!! How blessed are we?
I pray that I remember  how wonderful the entire engagement and wedding planning process was. It was SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!!! That being said if you have a wedding coming up and need some help, I'm ya gal.

Where do I even begin? How about...

Thursday, April 28-
Took a half day to run to Fayetteville for some "last minute" wedding details. Including a mani/pedi. My friend Tabitha met up with me and I suggested we hit up the mall nail salon... Big mistake. We get there and they start shouting "what you want?!" it's packed, we say " two mani/pedi" then one shouts "you pick COLOR! Come sit here" and points towards two pedi massage chairs that were filling up with water. Not giving much thought to it I sit down and place both feet full in... Little did I know my feet can move like the beginning credits on Footloose. HOLY MOLY scalding hot water hit my feet I'm full force. I pull them out and YELP! Lady doing a pedi next to me says "oh dat hot?" umm YEAH dat hot!! 10 seconds later here comes Tab, the very same happens to her! Eastern torture I'm sure of it! The experience didn't get much better, we finally bailed cutting both mani and pedi short because of horrendous service. But in no time our evening turned around as we met up with Colby for burgers and beers, a must have for any dieting bride. ;-)

Friday, April 29-
The day before the wedding, 1/2 exhausting as the day of.
James tries his rental tux on Friday AM, looked like little guy in a big ol coat... Panic sets in, my husband is going to look like a dork on one of our biggest days yet and he's going to be miserable. The place I rented the tux from says they can get us an overnight replacement by Saturday, 1:00 pm in Fayetteville... I explain that that won't fly so the next best thing is to go to Mr. Tux in Fayetteville and pay to rent another jacket. Mr. Tux associate blindly makes the assumption that he'll need just one size down from the big-big coat telling me there's no way he'd need a coat the size of the actual suit he owns,because suits and tuxes do not run the same... Stupidly I take her word, Friday night at 4:00 PM one hour before the rehearsal at the church, he looks like guy in a big ol coat again! Gah! Needless to say, James wore his suit jacket all day Saturday and was quite pleased, as was I because he looked hot hot and he was comfortable, the tux pants matched perfectly to boot!
Rehearsal went smoothly, thanks to my dear friend Sharon Lewis whom I am still thanking for all that she did for us. Rehearsal dinner was wonderful, Becki did an excellent job picking out the location as well as her killer crafty decor! She's so talented!
We ended the night by James and I going our separate ways, I stayed the night at my parents house and the boys stayed at ours. It was fun to sit around my parents house with my girls and look at the amazing scrapbook Mollie put together for us! She did an awesome job, it is SO sweet!

Saturday, April 30-
Wedding day!
I slept like a rock the night before, good thing too because the wedding day was action packed! Brittany our hairdresser arrived around 9:30 and Miles, Melissa and Josh our sweet photographers showed up shortly after that. Miles and Melissa had just broke the news the day before that they were expecting so it was wonderful to see them and give them a big ol congratulations hug! They're such sweet couple! James and I laughed at them all day long!
While we were getting ready our photographers took some shots and some detail shots, at one point I'm pretty sure Miles and Josh had my gown outside in the pasture trying to throw it on one of the bulls backs... Nice!
After hair and makeup I was down about three mimosas, since Melissa couldn't drink, I helped her out, and had some for the both of us!  ;-) anyway, from there it was time to get dressed, the lady who did my alterations did a triple crochet-knot in place of the traditional hook and eye get up you see at the top of most dresses, little did I know during bridal ports a few months ago my brother who came to help me get ready broke the "ever so smart" crochet hook! Panicking and running close to behind my mom yanks a metal eye out of my bra and sews it in the dress! GO MOM!! She saved me! Heck what else is new?
The day was a blast, we were all having a ball! I'm ready to "renew our vows" and do it all over again!
Around 2:00 PM our amazingly talented videographer Aaron Szabo arrived and James and I had our first look. As soon as I knew he was on the other side of the barn I became a giddy little school girl, I was SO SO excited to see him! I think that may have been my favorite part of the whole day! Oh and it rained when the girls and I took pics AND we played out in the middle of the road in the rain with Miles & Melissa laughing our heads off, " what a rush!!" haha.
Before we knew it it was time to HAUL A$$ to the church, we were LATE, and had our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins waiting on us! That's really the only time I got a bit short " my family get your booties up here!!!". Just a few minutes later I hid out and sweet SWEET Brittany re-did my wild hair while the church filled up with over 350 people! I never really got like nerve-shaking nervous there was a brief moment where the thought occurred to me that there are a ton of people out there about to stare at us, but calmness overcame me when I realized that we were going to have nothing but friends and loved ones staring at us and they love us no matter what!
The ceremony happened so fast, I cried when James said his vows to me then I laughed because I was crying, what a sap. As it turns out I wasn't the only crier in the wedding party, Miss Carlie B had just woken up from a nap in the room I'd previously "hidden" in and got a bit nervous. I've not seen proof yet but the story is she walked down the aisle crying/sniffling and stood beside her momma, Mollie (who was also a bridesmaid) and took the bottom of Mollies dress and wiped her nose with it! Priceless!!
After the ceremony James and I jumped in the "get-away car" AKA my car along with my Uncle Ron as the driver and Miles riding shot gun. We decided to leave the ceremony immediately after walking down the aisle so we could get a good look at the reception all I can say is WOW! It was gorgeous! I'm so glad we got to see it before a bunch of people arrived! From there James and I grabbed a couple glasses of wine and headed downstairs with some of our friends for a short hang out time. Shortly after that Miles & Melissa and Aaron came down to do a bit of footage and more pictures. Behind the reception hall was a wooded hollow with a 2-track dirt road (borrowing that term from Miles). Hehe. Anyway, we drove around the front a bit later to re-enter the reception and greet friends and family. James and I danced to one of our favorite songs by our favorite artist, Brett Dennen then my dad and I kicked it off with Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell." (think pulp fiction).James and his mom danced to What A Wonderful World.
The reception was so much fun, we ate, drank, sang and danced; had an absolute ball! Even my little cousin Colby broke it down in a dance off with some of our friends! Gah! SO much fun!

There is so much more to talk about:
- our week long stay-cation
- record player and pimp LP's we now have
- something to collect as a couple
- my new glass mixing bowl for my kitchen aid/ and new head/ and ice-cream maker accessory!
- The Ben Miller Band
- a night in Diamond City with Justin & Jenny
- the handmade quilt my 84 year old neighbor made and gave to us as a gift.
- the scrapbook Mollie made and how YOU need to submit something to it.
- the spec house is done (on the inside) and up for sale
- and of course more on how wonderful my friends and family are. --- I am so blessed.

But those will have to be addressed later. 
Most of you probably stopped reading a long time ago. :-)

Monday, May 9, 2011

In Arkansas/ Arkansas Bride Blog

Bridal Portrait Breakdown: NWA Bride, Miles Witt Boyer Photography

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Arkansas Bride: April Anderson Jech: "The Wedding Post of Arkansas is soooo excited to introduce this beautiful Arkansas bride to you! We first 'met' April when she emailed us..."

How exciting!! Miss. Deborah hit me up to see my bridals for a wedding announcement a few weeks ago and then it took off from there! Thanks to the three of us collaborated and featured my bridals! I'm so thankful that they did too. When I was researching for my bridal port ideas I didn't find much useful information... Now maybe future brides can with the help from blogs like this!