Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I've had enough water... It's raking on my nerves badddddd.
Sunday night we got enough water to wash our bridge out completely.
On the highway side it's washed out 5-6 feet, you can cross this by walking/crawling across huge stones on one side of the bridge. Once your over the highway side it's washed away from our driveway by 12-15 feet. No way you can walk across this on a board. So you get to jump from side cement blocks to a lower more narrow cement anchor type piece the. You get to walk up the hill to our house! James crossed the bridge in this shape Monday night when it was pouring. Scared me to death. If he would have fallen while crossing the cement blocks/barriers... I don't even want to think about it. Our hay in the field is ruined. It looks like a giant took a comb and raked everything down like combing hair. Our driveway is washed out big time. My car can't make it up!
At this point you're probably thinking, why in the world are you complaining?! Be thankful you have your house still and everyone in your family is okay and not missing you selfish a-hole! But to quote my dad (his latest over used quote) "are you bitching or are you bragging?". And I'll be honest I'm not bitching. It's been a trip.
Yesterday James emails me and says to pack a bag for tonight and tomorrow we need to stay with my parents--- tornados coming suppose to be horrible. I get like five emails from friends saying take precautions- violent and long lived tornados, shelf cloud this and that. Scares the heck out of me. For the first time in my life I'm scared of storms. Between the news coverage on Joplin, STL, Vilonia, Oklahoma, people talking about it at work, Facebook status updates from people, weather stations etc how could you not freak a little bit?
I freaked. Big time. I've never seen this side of me before (there's a lot about me I apparently don't know)! I went home at lunch, packed bags for us, grabbed Hank and his crate, brought my oldest Joy of Cooking cookbooks, my wedding jewelry, veil, garter (mind you they're one of a kind) I grabbed the charm bracelets my aunt has made for me over my lifetime, my grandmas brooch, other family heirlooms, wedding guestbook and my computer. I took a rubbermaid tub and placed some of our wedding gifts in it a long with the handmade quilt Mary Jo made for us and put it in a middle closet. All the while saying to James, "this isn't your wife ignore all of this right now. What the heck is the matter with me?!" he laughed but I do know his, he grabbed some of his one of a kind items as well. My survivor side is kind of impressive might I add. ;) I told Mollie on the phone "I'm going to grab a case of seven up, bread and peanut butter!" she cracked up! I don't know why I thought that's what we'd need but it sounded good to me.
Some people say you turn into your mother, but after yesterday I believe I'm turning into my mother-in-law!! Hope I get the artistic side as well! :) love you Becki!

After visiting with Megan this morning about my storm insanity I thought it'd be funny to take a picture of my most prized possessions, and then blog about it! Ha!

Speaking of prized possessions,
         I want to share with you a wonderful wedding present from a wonderful 84 year old woman, Mary Jo Sammuels. It took her three years to make this quilt. She calls it a conversation quilt. She said she would think of am old saying, write it down then go find the scene to match the saying...
It's beautiful! And it means so much to me because it came from her heart!
Please note these pictures do not do the quilt any justice. It's king sized and kind of difficult to capture the whole thing & still be legible.

This is my favorite patch that I've found. I like how her writing changes as she's worked on the different blocks over the years.

I'll leave you with a copy of a post our neighbor left on my Facebook wall... Cracks me up!

" Funny conversation on the way home today (by your house).
Ashton: Mom, I think April is going to have a hard time getting home tonight.
Me: Why?
A: look at her bridge it floated away from the dirt.
Me: No her dirt floated away from the edges of the bridge.
Brock: I know how she can get across.
Me: how?
B: she can drive real fast and ramp it and hope her back tires make it across. But if she goes fast enough I'm pretty sure she can make it.

Oh what kids come up with. ;)"


  1. Oh my goodness. I love quilts! My great grandma recently made one for emma. It's darling :) They have so much meaning and hard work behind them. Plus they are beautiful. I will post a few pictures of it!

  2. Jess! Wasn't that the quilt you opened at Emmas shower?! Your grandma made a ton of awesome things for you all! What an awesome grandma! Cherish her!


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