Thursday, June 2, 2011


Just wanted to post a quick little blip before I leave to meet the exterminator/restoration man... We have a pack rat in/around our house!! James opened the guest bedroom's bathroom cabinet a couple days ago and found four acorns towards the front of the cabinet in a line! We first assumed squirrel because of the acorn then we thought mouse/rat made more sense...
Talking to our trapper neighbor yesterday he thinks it's a pack rat... So my mind went back In time to when my grandma had her own set o problems with a pack rat... My grandma had some issues with her Mercedes she kept taking her car into the dealership complaining of electrical issues - AC, Lights, Radio etc etc. After a few trips to the dealership they discovered it was a pack rat! Little did she know one took up residence under her hood and in her garage. Her pack rat would take things from the car, wires and the like and line them up in the garage, sound familiar? Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm under the impression that pack rats are like hippies... They take something of yours, but in exchange leave you something (aka an acorn) in return. I wonder what our lil friend has taken of ours...

I'm praying the guy I'm about to meet is a lot like Dale Gribble!

Here we go!

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  1. Oh, how funny! I haven't had my experience with them... hope I never do! I can't stand rats/mice! Anyways, loved the idea of having your very own Dale Gribble! Too funny!!


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