Monday, July 25, 2011

A sick obsession

I can't seem to get enough of playing with photos!
{as you can probably tell by my Facebook feed}
Editing programs, websites & apps have made it so convenient for the lay person such as myself to look like you may actually know what you're doing.
Now take a pic Miles Witt Boyer takes vs. mine and his blow mine out of the water. But here's the deal I've asked him to edit every single picture I take and his response is something to the effect of: April, I have a life. Now go play with your phone. (okay that's probably what he WOULD say, I've never asked)
I love it they look boss to me and I'm a happy camper.
Downside: James "April you're always on your phone/iPad"
"I know sweet pea I'm feeding my addiction"
If you've not checked out Instagram, you really ought to. {check your app store}
It's free & a good tool to utilize to see others creativity. There's so much beauty in this world and I get to see some of it one square at a time.

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