Friday, July 8, 2011

Put it in perspective.

Put it in perspective.

I'm sitting in our local DMV office and I noticed the dynamic duo of ladies that normally run the show here is now a solo act. A lady a few people ahead of me asks, "you alone today?" the clerical responds, "yep been solo most of this week. My coworker found out her cancer is back. Spread from her colon up, now there are too many tumor's to operate. Dr's gave her two years."
I come here often but do not know either of these ladies personally, but when I overheard this I almost burst into tears. TWO years. 24 Months. I cannot fathom. I feel so deeply for her. Here I take everyday for granted.

Still in line, think I'll hold my tears until I get back in the car.

- from the revenue office waiting room.

-April Jech
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  1. wow. . . I almost cried reading this. I cannot even imagine.


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