Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our First Night

In the new house...

We've been moving things in slowly over the past couple weeks, last night we decided that we were situated enough to start staying the night there instead of the old house. We have a new bed and mattress and finally got to put them to good use. The bed is awesome!! It's quite a bit softer than our last bed so I slept like a champ. Even Hank this morning got up on the bed, did a couple of circles and laid down. He looked at me and said "I now know what heavens' clouds feel like, Rammy" and he continued to stay in bed until I made him get out!!
Right now we're toying with the notion that we will not have a TV in our house. We're also toying with the notion of not having any Internet in the house until we are done paying bills on the house and start paying only things like... electric, water, mortgage so on and so on. So what to do with our down time...
So far we have not had any down time in several weeks. We work on the landscaping, clean the house, keep the garage up, pack up old house, unpack into new house- find places to put things. Sort through EVERYTHING you should see my consignment/donation pile. Last night we worked on the house until 10:30 and decided to take a break. So I busted out some old college papers of mine from a Family Communications summer session class circa 2005 and read on. Oh the tales of how my parents supposably met (still fuzzy on the details). And more of the notable fights my brother and I had had in our childhood. Made me miss being young & made me really miss college. I get "down and out" about this time every year because I do miss College, UCA, Conway and most of all my darling Ashley. We met around this time 8 years ago.
I love & miss you Mabash!!

I'll post pics of the inside of the new house when the area is suitable for photographing.
What would you do with your down time if you were without TV & Internet?


  1. If I did not have TV or the internet, I would call you everynight and talk for 3 hours. Just kidding, it would only be 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!
    I really don't think our house could do it, all 3 of us are TOTALLY Addicted to entertainment!

  2. Hmm I would find something else to cut out! ;)


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