Thursday, August 11, 2011

Over Connected?

I've been thinking about this subject for awhile and often wondered if anyone felt the same way.

You can:
call me
text me
email me at two different email addresses
facebook me
twitter me
linked in contact me
ebay message me
etsy message me
amazon contact me
instagram contact me
blogspot comment me
google+ contact me
kik me
gmail chat me
oh yeah and physically see & verbally speak to me

that's a lot of contact avenues.

I'm starting to feel a bit "bogged down" and over whelmed about it all.
It's nice to be easily contacted (I think?) yet it's kind of dangerous.

You can, that is if you really wanted to and tried figure out where a person is, where they're going and who else is out with them. From there you can go steal stuff from those people because after all you know they're not home now. They're "At the mall with ____ ____ and ____" that could be "mom dad and sibling" and your parents are none the wiser that you just outed that their house is empty.
Maybe I watch too much dramatic fictional TV but I feel that it's something to be of concern.

Kids and the Internet... I remember when I was in high school my aunt telling me about a woman who had a blog and on her blog she discussed how many weeks she was along in her pregnancy... a week before she was due someone some stranger who did their freaky stalker homework found her and physically took her unborn baby from her. SICK SICK. I've not heard of anything like that happening in quite awhile here in America (that was in MO by the way) but maybe people are protecting themselves better now.

I'm no expert but I know that when we have children James & I will be doing a lot of tightening up on our social-network avenues.
 Such as...
Facebook, I really don't want to be one of those moms that will not post pics of their children I don't think that's the problem. but if I were to offer a solution one would be to re-examine ALL of your friends lists and take off people who you wonder "hey, how'd they get there?" also did you know you can make a sub-style friends list. like I have one that is just simply "family" so if I post say a picture of little (insert whoever's name here) the only people who are actually friends with me on fbk that can see is are people in my sub-friends category "family". The only people that can see it on their page have to be in my family sub-list. IF that family member wishes to show the most adorable pic ever in the world to their entire world they can have that option to "post" it themselves.

Weird friend request story: I had someone add me a few months ago that I did not recognize, so before accepting I went to their facebook wall where we apparently had like 20 friends in common... this person was from and currently lived in New York (so said his bio) a "mutual-friend" of ours said "wow, you know a lot of Madison county people, are you from here?" The person replied back and said "no but I'm wanting to get to know people in your area"
WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!?!?!?!? Needless to say: DENIED! Ick! 

Now back to you... get RID of the year on your birthday on Facebook do you know how many times you've used that information for security reasons? "What's your mothers maiden name? What's your full birthdate?"See? Make your profile practically invisible to anyone that is not your friend. Get rid of all those "games and applications" those especially are crawling with virius' and bugs.

Protect your self from hackers and hacking systems. Get an antivirus, mal-wear protection and a firewall.
"But I'm on a Mac I don't need any protection" Yes, yes you do, no system is safe!! Make sure you keep your software updated on both PC & Mac. From what I've read with Mac your software updates also include defenses for your computers security.

Change your passwords often and make them complicated, a combination of word number and capitalization are generally the way to go ex. "blue123SKY" and so forth.

I heard yesterday "the only safe computer is a computer that is unplugged" meaning when you're not using it, turn the internet off, unplug your router etc. They're now making spyware that can get into your wireless router for information and also install keystroke software.

That being said, Internet shop at a minimum... most likely no site is 100% safe.

I LOVE technology so very much. I love that we can share anything we want to with the masses friend family or otherwise. The otherwise is my deepest concern.

All that being said, I've lost a lot of my nerd-wisdom and am not exactly caught up in what the best software protection is, but with a bit of research and help I can bet you'll be on your way to a more protected computer.

How are you protecting yourself?



  1. Love this Ape!!! You are totally right a friend of mine recently found out that some guy was using photos of her and her kids saying they were married and those were his kids..... Freaked her out and her husband was PISSED!!!! I have everything private but totally need to limit my game friends!!! Thanks!!!!

  2. I absolutely agree! You can make a "group" on facebook and only show post and pictures to that group. I had a "close friends" group that I shared with and only them. I stopped doing that. This is a good reminder to update that list (to add you!!) and start using it again.

  3. We just created a fb page for emaline. That way we can lock down who can see her and who can't and not have to worry. Plus, if your not friends wwith her you won't have to get all the baby spam questions and look at my kid status updates if you don't want to!!!

  4. Thank you all for your feedback!
    Tab- that's crazy about your friend!!
    Jenny- go figure we're on the same page HA!
    Jess- great idea for Emaline! I think it's cute she has her own page.
    Just an FYI you can also select who you post your status' to as well by clicking the "lock" box next to where you press enter and you from there can click your sub-list of friends or whomever you wish!


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