Friday, August 19, 2011

There's an App for that...

I've been a card (phone) carrying member of the Smart Phone society for at least four years now and I must say I do not intend to ever go back. I love my iPhone & iPad. I utilize them everyday.
Here's some of my favorite Apps

- Lose it
I can log my exercise & calories on the Lose It app & keep myself in check with other Lose It members Like my Aunt & Uncle. They can see your progress only so they're like Santa, they know if you've been bad or good!

- iMap My Ride +
this App GPS to map your hikes, walks, runs, rides whatever you wish. The "real time" shows you exactly where you are, your average MPH, calories burned and how long you've been exercising. Bonus the "+" let's you post your exercise on Facebook, twitter etc. This holds me accountable to keep it up and go faster & longer! Viva la Bicycle Rides! :-) (I'm hooked)
Side note- thank the lord I'm hooked if my arse got any bigger I was going to freak out

- Instagram
I can go on and on about this app as I've done before , but I'll spare you. Let's just say your pictures + Instagram = much cooler than before.
Plus just an FYI #hashtags are so popular there for exposure and the Instagram community is really friendly & supportive!

- Camera+
square not your thing? They camera+ for editing as well. It's impressive! (no camera+ community but you can share your camera+ pics anyway you wish)

- Pandora
I'm sure everyone knows about pandora, it's amazing and then infinite musical possibilities for FREE make it one of my most used apps.

KIK is like text messaging but you don't get charged for texts just your Internet usage! Perfect for Ashley Love and I when we have full-blown-probably-should-have-just-called-you text message conversations. Downside- sometimes you don't always get a pushed notification that someone has sent you a message.

- Pocket God
This game is .99 cents and updates with new "challenges" weekly. It's a fun guilty pleasure.

- Cartoonatic
Our Niece Carlie loves this app with a touch of the screen you can be several different styles of comic/sketch/cartoon images. Pretty cute huh?

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  1. Going to try the texting app! Listening to pandora as I type!


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