Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!!!
I've been so excited about what "I'm loving" this week that I almost wrote this entry yesterday!

I'm loving that soon we'll have our very own tandem bike!!
I cannot wait to play with this bad boy.

I'm so excited about it I even have a bell all ready for it!
And Lastly
I'm loving that we'll be on vaction soon! We're going with no agenda but we do know that we'll visit
- Colorado Springs
- Denver
- Estes Park
- Fort Collins
and we're hoping many little quaint stops *and local breweries* along the way!

Do you have any suggestions? I've never even been to Colorado!! Excited!!


  1. I have never been but it sounds so fun! I have always wanted to go white water rafting, even though I am a big chicken! haha! Have fun!!

  2. I've been to Estes Park and it's beautiful! The hotel where they filmed The Shining is there!

  3. The Fort in Morrison (
    Lulu's bar, if your driving to Colorado (33355 US Highway 36
    Watkins, CO 80137-6735)
    Casa bonita (if you want some a classy mexican meal
    And theres a ton more, moms from there and So am I so Email her!!!


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