Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our road trip pics!

Fort Collins CO- Tour De Fat 
New Mexico
 Garden of the Gods & Mesa Verde
Gothic & Crested Butte
Wildlife along the way

Monday, September 19, 2011

Day four

Day four is seven wants.

- I wanna ride. Got my new bike, but I've not gotten the opportunity to ride it yet.

- I wanna win. I wanna be like my cousin and uncle and win stuff! They enter contests, raffles etc and always WIN! No fair pass some of that luck on to me!

- I wanna rock. I'd friggin love to have a Beyonce body. Oh yes she is amazing.

- I wanna know. I'd love to be enlightened and have all the answers to problems so I could help my friends out in uncertain situations. Spinning off of that I would need them to listen and follow my instruction. :-)

- I wanna do. I want to keep a close, respected relationship with my friends and family. I want them to know and trust me as I them. I want to be an amazing friend a person could count on.

- I wanna jet pack. Or someway to only be at LEAST an hour away from my friends in other parts of this state, or my family in MO.

- I wanna kumbaya. World peace please, or at least "can't we all just get along?" we know that life's not fair ( hence me not having a Beyonce body) but I'm not mad about it.
I wish peoples intentions were good and pure and we'd all be a bit more mindful. I think that'd go along ways.

May the force be with you,
- April Jech

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day three

Day three is Eight Fears, ooh fun!!

- snake in my house. Snakes scare the crap out of me. Living in the country we have to deal with them being near on a regular basis, but if I were ever to find one in my house I'd flip my lid. Plus we'd need new flooring as I'd use my 12 gauge to shoots it dead.

- Hank being stolen. If Hank was taken from us I'd plot an attack on the SOB who would take him from his overly loving home. The attack would be so fierce and cruel that they would rue the day they were born. RUE it I tell you. If he was accidentally ran over I'd probably just... Well I don't want to even think about it. :-/

- identity theft. Identity theft really bothers me, only jerks still others identity. I think it's a pretty chicken$h!t crime to take advantage of someone through stealing their information on the Internet or while their backs turned. At least have the nerve to do some sort of face to face crime so someone can at least shoot you/whip you.
PS get a job.

- early departure. I hope that I get to live a nice long live. Or at least get the chance to be a mother and if I'm lucky a grandmother and bonus a great-grandmother.

- Alzheimer's. Losing your memories. Like I said on Day One, memories are so vital to me. To have this disease must be devastating. I can't imagine a world where I don't know who my children are nor James or anyone else. But I remember Morgan... I say this because in the end of my great-grandfather and great-grandmother's lives they remembered their siblings.

- Zombies. Eating my brains? Pass. Zombies freak me out for three reasons; everyone knows zombie-ism is contagious and a fast spreading ordeal. Your "fellow man" can turn against you, and three they can eat your brains.

- world wide plague. See above, plus more realistic scenarios like air born diseases.
I'm actually asking for a gas-mask for Christmas. {hint hint Becki}

- Social media/ Social outlets. I just recently had a discussion with my friend Ashley about this. I don't want my future children to have Facebook etc. too many freaky predators out there. I kinda hope the Internet breaks when the children reach 12.
Branching off of that. All of the drama on social sites sickens me. Everyone has the opportunity to say what they feel no matter how good or bad it is. For instance I read 40/29 News' Facebook page & on the night of the Joplin tornado they were interrupting regular TV to report the severe weather. People were going nuts on their FB page saying things like I live in Springdale I don't give a damn about these storms there aren't any here. The storms were still in the coverage area of the channel so of course they're keeping the masses updated. It is so sad to think this is where we are in this day and age. I really want to have faith in our fellow humans but seeing things like this and cyber bullying, it just goes all over me.

- April Jech

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day two

Day two is nine loves.  This proves to be much easier than then 10 secrets.  I Love:  - James. I can't imagine my life with out him. Sappy I know but we really compliment each other and we get along splendidly. Even more sappy he makes me so very happy and to me he's the hottest guy in the world. {Swoon} - Hank. Where would we be without our darling fur baby? He is the best and we are crazy about our lil man.  - friends. I've said this plenty of times but I love my friends. They are really good to me and I try my best to be good to them.  - Children. If I could surround myself in something it would be children and pets. Weird combo perhaps but they all offer one thing, unconditional love. Plus the kiddos that I am around are a HOOT!  - family. My family I've had all my life and my new family I luckily got to marry into. Everyone always talks about having that "one crazy family member. You know, every one has one." I have yet to find that on either side of the family so that means one thing. It must be James, surely I am not the odd man out. Yup, it's James. :-) - memories. I cherish my memories. Of some of my family and friends this is all I have left of them. I hear a song and think of the "good times" or smell a smell and it takes me back. Go down certain streets and I remember a fun driving story. This to me is pretty bittersweet. You get to relive a moment but it really is only for just a moment as well.  (now to the more materialistic things)  - new bed. It rocks!! It's nothing fancy but man is it a vast improvement over our last bed. Even Hank is in heaven. He cuddles with my every morning and I have to coax him out when it's time to go to work.  - Chacos. I got a pair a month ago or so and wish I had them years ago. I west them almost every day and don't give a damn if they don't match.  (last but not least) - beer. I love beer. It's a hobby of mine that I often partake in. Don't get me wrong I love my new biking hobby, tv watching and taking photos but I really love beer. Namely dark beer now. I think I've become a bit of a hop-snob. The darker the better! Don't be intimidated by the dark beer it often tastes of coffee or chocolate. Mmm!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 1

Day 1 is suppose to be 10 secrets, well I find secrets to be a bit elementary so I'm going to tell you 10 things you probably don't know about me that I don't mind sharing on the Internet.
So! Here we go: 10 things you probably don't know about me that I don't mind sharing on the Internet. In no particular order.

- I play out scenarios in my head. Arguments/conversations with people I may or may not see or acceptance speeches of things I may or may not do.
Think: Taxi Driver "you talkin' to me?"

- When I was in 4th grade I would "flex/squish" my butt muscles when I walked past a boy who I thought was cute. Apparently I thought a nine year old boy would fancy a "tight looking booty".

- I have a terrible habit of over-relating to characters on the TV shows we watch. I get so sucked into shows like Dexter, Weeds, Sopranos & Trueblood that all of the sudden I want to be a gangster drug dealing fairy that kills serial killers and has vampire for a husband.
When I was in elementary Harriet the Spy was popular--- kinda thought I was a spy for like a month.

- I acted as if I was special needs in Tech basketball camp to be the comedic relief of my friends that I played basketball with. Hindsight- bad idea and I apparently needed to be "that" person to gain approval. Yikes young April!

- I still count with my fingers. Old habits die hard. I can do mathematics on paper but in my head alone, forget it.

- that being said. I'm right hand challenged. I cannot do anything with it but run a mouse on a computer. I'm surprised it's stuck around. Being this "useless" you'd think it'd pack up and move on.

- I can't say no. Not even to telemarketers. It's so painful for me to "let someone down" even if it's not in my best interest and for the other persons own personal gain. "Would you like to open a _______ credit card today?" me "oh gosh geese ma'am I don't really think so I really don't need another credit card gosh umm no?? Sorry!" Ah!!!!

- I'm boycotting Mossimo from target. Their clothes shrink like mad. Grr! Done with you!

- Misinformation grinds my gears. We went to a brewery in CO and they were talking about states with 3.2 abv in beer & this man piped up and said "Arkansas is that way too" I wanted to hit him. Seriously. No one dogs Arkansas we have normal beer here! You just apparently can't buy it on Sundays except in a few towns like Eureka. Bastard. I still want to hit him.

- I've made Christmas 2011 my bitch this year. I've gotten so many ideas this year for gifts that I've gotten all the children in our lives done as well as most of the moms in our lives. Boo-yah.

There! That's 10! :-)

- April Jech

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hi there.

I've not abandon the blog I promise! We've been back from CO for about 10 days now and it was wonderful. James and I had a blast together. We hit up Cortez CO to see the Mesa Verde 2 days in the fantastic Telluride Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods (saw a FLIPPING snake) The fantastic Boulder CO wheee I'm ready to move now. 2 days I'm Estes Park And Ft. Collins (another place I'd move to) The trip was perfect we really enjoyed ourselves and had no real agenda just had fun! I took about 800 pictures and haven't really had the energy to go through them. CO was wonderful but the weather/humidity or lack there of wasn't kind to me. Since getting back I've had this head cold thing going on and I'm just zapped. I do plan on a picture post when Ito through the pics and edit everything! Since we've been home we hit the ground running. We are now tackling the 700 sq. ft. bonus room above our garage. We've been painting and working up there. Honesty time: I blow at painting. But painting and 2 glasses of red wine make it a bit more tolerable. Oh yes and Pandora. Team work! This past Saturday on 9-10-11 I participated in the Alzheimer's awareness walk in Springdale such a sad disease it is obvious that it crushes all who are involved. One woman spoke and said something to the effect of my husband was diagnosed a few years ago and we lost him this spring, however I've been mourning him for years. A marriage of 53 years and towards the end he didn't even recognize her face. Also something I've learned odors not just an "old person disease some confirmed cases are ad old as 30. It was a good awareness program I'm glad Natalie created a team for us. I went to Conway/LR later Saturday to attend a wedding and spend some much needed quality time with my bestie, Ashley LOVE. Ash & I had a ball we went shopping in Conway & LR. Went to the promenade & hit up an adorable kids store called Crazy 8 where I got Q & C cute stuff!!!!, Swooned at Anthropologie & DWS and ate at the fantastic Big Orange. Ahmazing!!!!! Anyway Jen Fort posted a cool post--- 10 things about me. I'm thinking about tackling that. We'll see if my ADD can start & finish it!