Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 1

Day 1 is suppose to be 10 secrets, well I find secrets to be a bit elementary so I'm going to tell you 10 things you probably don't know about me that I don't mind sharing on the Internet.
So! Here we go: 10 things you probably don't know about me that I don't mind sharing on the Internet. In no particular order.

- I play out scenarios in my head. Arguments/conversations with people I may or may not see or acceptance speeches of things I may or may not do.
Think: Taxi Driver "you talkin' to me?"

- When I was in 4th grade I would "flex/squish" my butt muscles when I walked past a boy who I thought was cute. Apparently I thought a nine year old boy would fancy a "tight looking booty".

- I have a terrible habit of over-relating to characters on the TV shows we watch. I get so sucked into shows like Dexter, Weeds, Sopranos & Trueblood that all of the sudden I want to be a gangster drug dealing fairy that kills serial killers and has vampire for a husband.
When I was in elementary Harriet the Spy was popular--- kinda thought I was a spy for like a month.

- I acted as if I was special needs in Tech basketball camp to be the comedic relief of my friends that I played basketball with. Hindsight- bad idea and I apparently needed to be "that" person to gain approval. Yikes young April!

- I still count with my fingers. Old habits die hard. I can do mathematics on paper but in my head alone, forget it.

- that being said. I'm right hand challenged. I cannot do anything with it but run a mouse on a computer. I'm surprised it's stuck around. Being this "useless" you'd think it'd pack up and move on.

- I can't say no. Not even to telemarketers. It's so painful for me to "let someone down" even if it's not in my best interest and for the other persons own personal gain. "Would you like to open a _______ credit card today?" me "oh gosh geese ma'am I don't really think so I really don't need another credit card gosh umm no?? Sorry!" Ah!!!!

- I'm boycotting Mossimo from target. Their clothes shrink like mad. Grr! Done with you!

- Misinformation grinds my gears. We went to a brewery in CO and they were talking about states with 3.2 abv in beer & this man piped up and said "Arkansas is that way too" I wanted to hit him. Seriously. No one dogs Arkansas we have normal beer here! You just apparently can't buy it on Sundays except in a few towns like Eureka. Bastard. I still want to hit him.

- I've made Christmas 2011 my bitch this year. I've gotten so many ideas this year for gifts that I've gotten all the children in our lives done as well as most of the moms in our lives. Boo-yah.

There! That's 10! :-)

- April Jech

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