Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day three

Day three is Eight Fears, ooh fun!!

- snake in my house. Snakes scare the crap out of me. Living in the country we have to deal with them being near on a regular basis, but if I were ever to find one in my house I'd flip my lid. Plus we'd need new flooring as I'd use my 12 gauge to shoots it dead.

- Hank being stolen. If Hank was taken from us I'd plot an attack on the SOB who would take him from his overly loving home. The attack would be so fierce and cruel that they would rue the day they were born. RUE it I tell you. If he was accidentally ran over I'd probably just... Well I don't want to even think about it. :-/

- identity theft. Identity theft really bothers me, only jerks still others identity. I think it's a pretty chicken$h!t crime to take advantage of someone through stealing their information on the Internet or while their backs turned. At least have the nerve to do some sort of face to face crime so someone can at least shoot you/whip you.
PS get a job.

- early departure. I hope that I get to live a nice long live. Or at least get the chance to be a mother and if I'm lucky a grandmother and bonus a great-grandmother.

- Alzheimer's. Losing your memories. Like I said on Day One, memories are so vital to me. To have this disease must be devastating. I can't imagine a world where I don't know who my children are nor James or anyone else. But I remember Morgan... I say this because in the end of my great-grandfather and great-grandmother's lives they remembered their siblings.

- Zombies. Eating my brains? Pass. Zombies freak me out for three reasons; everyone knows zombie-ism is contagious and a fast spreading ordeal. Your "fellow man" can turn against you, and three they can eat your brains.

- world wide plague. See above, plus more realistic scenarios like air born diseases.
I'm actually asking for a gas-mask for Christmas. {hint hint Becki}

- Social media/ Social outlets. I just recently had a discussion with my friend Ashley about this. I don't want my future children to have Facebook etc. too many freaky predators out there. I kinda hope the Internet breaks when the children reach 12.
Branching off of that. All of the drama on social sites sickens me. Everyone has the opportunity to say what they feel no matter how good or bad it is. For instance I read 40/29 News' Facebook page & on the night of the Joplin tornado they were interrupting regular TV to report the severe weather. People were going nuts on their FB page saying things like I live in Springdale I don't give a damn about these storms there aren't any here. The storms were still in the coverage area of the channel so of course they're keeping the masses updated. It is so sad to think this is where we are in this day and age. I really want to have faith in our fellow humans but seeing things like this and cyber bullying, it just goes all over me.

- April Jech

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