Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day two

Day two is nine loves.  This proves to be much easier than then 10 secrets.  I Love:  - James. I can't imagine my life with out him. Sappy I know but we really compliment each other and we get along splendidly. Even more sappy he makes me so very happy and to me he's the hottest guy in the world. {Swoon} - Hank. Where would we be without our darling fur baby? He is the best and we are crazy about our lil man.  - friends. I've said this plenty of times but I love my friends. They are really good to me and I try my best to be good to them.  - Children. If I could surround myself in something it would be children and pets. Weird combo perhaps but they all offer one thing, unconditional love. Plus the kiddos that I am around are a HOOT!  - family. My family I've had all my life and my new family I luckily got to marry into. Everyone always talks about having that "one crazy family member. You know, every one has one." I have yet to find that on either side of the family so that means one thing. It must be James, surely I am not the odd man out. Yup, it's James. :-) - memories. I cherish my memories. Of some of my family and friends this is all I have left of them. I hear a song and think of the "good times" or smell a smell and it takes me back. Go down certain streets and I remember a fun driving story. This to me is pretty bittersweet. You get to relive a moment but it really is only for just a moment as well.  (now to the more materialistic things)  - new bed. It rocks!! It's nothing fancy but man is it a vast improvement over our last bed. Even Hank is in heaven. He cuddles with my every morning and I have to coax him out when it's time to go to work.  - Chacos. I got a pair a month ago or so and wish I had them years ago. I west them almost every day and don't give a damn if they don't match.  (last but not least) - beer. I love beer. It's a hobby of mine that I often partake in. Don't get me wrong I love my new biking hobby, tv watching and taking photos but I really love beer. Namely dark beer now. I think I've become a bit of a hop-snob. The darker the better! Don't be intimidated by the dark beer it often tastes of coffee or chocolate. Mmm!

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