Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hi there.

I've not abandon the blog I promise! We've been back from CO for about 10 days now and it was wonderful. James and I had a blast together. We hit up Cortez CO to see the Mesa Verde 2 days in the fantastic Telluride Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods (saw a FLIPPING snake) The fantastic Boulder CO wheee I'm ready to move now. 2 days I'm Estes Park And Ft. Collins (another place I'd move to) The trip was perfect we really enjoyed ourselves and had no real agenda just had fun! I took about 800 pictures and haven't really had the energy to go through them. CO was wonderful but the weather/humidity or lack there of wasn't kind to me. Since getting back I've had this head cold thing going on and I'm just zapped. I do plan on a picture post when Ito through the pics and edit everything! Since we've been home we hit the ground running. We are now tackling the 700 sq. ft. bonus room above our garage. We've been painting and working up there. Honesty time: I blow at painting. But painting and 2 glasses of red wine make it a bit more tolerable. Oh yes and Pandora. Team work! This past Saturday on 9-10-11 I participated in the Alzheimer's awareness walk in Springdale such a sad disease it is obvious that it crushes all who are involved. One woman spoke and said something to the effect of my husband was diagnosed a few years ago and we lost him this spring, however I've been mourning him for years. A marriage of 53 years and towards the end he didn't even recognize her face. Also something I've learned odors not just an "old person disease some confirmed cases are ad old as 30. It was a good awareness program I'm glad Natalie created a team for us. I went to Conway/LR later Saturday to attend a wedding and spend some much needed quality time with my bestie, Ashley LOVE. Ash & I had a ball we went shopping in Conway & LR. Went to the promenade & hit up an adorable kids store called Crazy 8 where I got Q & C cute stuff!!!!, Swooned at Anthropologie & DWS and ate at the fantastic Big Orange. Ahmazing!!!!! Anyway Jen Fort posted a cool post--- 10 things about me. I'm thinking about tackling that. We'll see if my ADD can start & finish it!

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