Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky Kind of Love

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!
This weekend (Sunday) James and I celebrated our 6 month marital anniversary!!!
We celebrated Sunday with my family at Gaskins Switch in Eureka Springs
I saw this gorgeous yellow tree and asked mom to take our pic beside it hoping the yellow would pop out... however she used her camera (and the flash :-/) and that part didn't turn out but LOOK! We have an ORB in our pic! Spooky!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a marvelous Halloween, cannot wait to see pics of everyone all dressed up!!

TODAY is Morgan (my brothers) 22nd birthday. I ordered him an El Dia de Los Muertos cookie cake!!! It's a sugar skull!! I can't wait to see what it looks like! Cookie Co said they'd never done one, so I hope they do it right and make it look cool!!!

Spooky Orb!
Six Month Anniv!
Witchy Costume
Next best thing to ruby slippers :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

April's 30 Before 30

April's 30 Before 30
Since James is honing in on the big 3-0 he's decided to not make a 30/30 list, but I'm sure his list would include some of mine, especially the hunting ones. And maybe the baby one but if we have a baby by Feb it'd be a miracle as February is 4 months away. Hehe.
Anyway, here's my list, hope it inspires you to do something new. Most of these are things I've never done, but a few are things I really want to do again.
1. Stay up all night
2. Go overseas
3. Fly upside down in an airplane
4. Scuba dive
5. Shoot a buck
6. Shoot a drake wood duck
7. Have a kiddo or two
8. Bike 75 miles in one day
9. Sing Karaoke solo
10. Horseback ride on my grandparents farm**
11. Visit my uncle in WA & go fish or hunt with him
12. Take my cousin Colby to a play
13. Eat the most exotic food at a raw bar
14. Watch the latest band play @ a music fest instead of sleeping through it
15. Rescue/Adopt doggie #2
16. KC Shopping spree with ALove (or some other awesome city)**
17. Learn to photograph on manual setting w/ my DSLR
18. Master forgiveness
19. & master confidence
20. Memorize & preform the Thriller dance
21. Find a church to attend
22. Dive off a high-dive
23. Donate my hair again to locks of love**
24. Weigh as much as I did on my wedding day.*
25. Be star-struck
26. Have the ability to make my own paper products. Cards etc.
27. Know what to do incase someone has a stroke, seizure, heart attack, injury, etc.
28. Weekend trip with my girlfriends
29. Teach Quentin & Carlie something awesome (I'll think on that).
30. Donate at least 1,000 $ to charities & foundations
*unless expecting or a brand new mom.
** repeaters--- things I want to do again bc they mean a lot to me.
- April Jech

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Harvest!

This past weekend we took a long weekend and went to Mulberry Mountain for their annual bluegrass music festival.
We always have such a great time, yes there's tons of hippies, but there's also tons of children and babies, like 3-5 month old ones!
There was more to do this year than the previous ones we went to. We camped with our friends Britton & Emma and Emma and I enjoyed their morning yoga as well as their hulahoop workshop. Both excellent workouts btw! And of course, as usual James and I were both asleep before 1:00 am every night, which apparently is not cool and we were suppose to stay up all night... I like my sleep, what can I say?
Spinning off the children blurb I gotta tell you they had so many activities for young children! Every morning their children activities would go on until about 4:00 and they did face paintings, dancing, and had this massive tent that the kids could go in, like a tepee tent. So cute!
They also had adult workshops that were really neat, in the pic above of the man with the puppet "That 1 Guy" he did a workshop on his hand made and created instruments, his music is different, but he is a sight to be seen for sure!

We had a wonderful weekend, however we missed our bed something fierce.
All in all, things at the Jech @ Hindsville residence are well.
Getting in the fallsie spirit and will tackle the rest of the Halloween/Fall/Harvest/Thanksgiving decorations tonight.
James is still actively working on the yard/ deer plot we have rye and wheat sprouting up all over!
Hope my sweet blog buddies are having a marvelous week! I'll post fall pics when done! :-)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


An orange w/black racing stripes SS Chevy Chevelle
Is now at our house!!!
This muscle/sexy car was James' 1st car, he was so cool he drove it to High School everyday. #swoon
Can't believe this nerd married the cool guy that drove the muscle car to school.
So now of course I'm trying to talk him into letting me drive it to work and back, and take control of the TAPE DECK!!!!!
I will have to bust out my old mixed tapes and such.
Anyway, it's exciting to have this project to work on.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Christmas Cards (aka ultra head start on the season)

I never thought I'd be one of "those people". You know, one of those people who start on Christmas stuff BEFORE Halloween, heck I bought these in September!!! What is wrong with me?!? I know this is apparent, I love our wedding & engagement pics. This is our first, last and only Christmas as newly weds so I had to take total advantage of the situation. :-) I love sending out snail mail too, and of course receiving cards and letters in the mail. Thanks to Tiny Prints doing this has been easier (and classier than ever) It feels so sincere and personal. Anyway sending Christmas cards had been one of my favorite things about Christmas for a few years now. PS just throwing this out there I have every intention of fully celebrating Halloween & Thanksgiving too. :-) Have a wonderful day!!