Thursday, October 27, 2011

April's 30 Before 30

April's 30 Before 30
Since James is honing in on the big 3-0 he's decided to not make a 30/30 list, but I'm sure his list would include some of mine, especially the hunting ones. And maybe the baby one but if we have a baby by Feb it'd be a miracle as February is 4 months away. Hehe.
Anyway, here's my list, hope it inspires you to do something new. Most of these are things I've never done, but a few are things I really want to do again.
1. Stay up all night
2. Go overseas
3. Fly upside down in an airplane
4. Scuba dive
5. Shoot a buck
6. Shoot a drake wood duck
7. Have a kiddo or two
8. Bike 75 miles in one day
9. Sing Karaoke solo
10. Horseback ride on my grandparents farm**
11. Visit my uncle in WA & go fish or hunt with him
12. Take my cousin Colby to a play
13. Eat the most exotic food at a raw bar
14. Watch the latest band play @ a music fest instead of sleeping through it
15. Rescue/Adopt doggie #2
16. KC Shopping spree with ALove (or some other awesome city)**
17. Learn to photograph on manual setting w/ my DSLR
18. Master forgiveness
19. & master confidence
20. Memorize & preform the Thriller dance
21. Find a church to attend
22. Dive off a high-dive
23. Donate my hair again to locks of love**
24. Weigh as much as I did on my wedding day.*
25. Be star-struck
26. Have the ability to make my own paper products. Cards etc.
27. Know what to do incase someone has a stroke, seizure, heart attack, injury, etc.
28. Weekend trip with my girlfriends
29. Teach Quentin & Carlie something awesome (I'll think on that).
30. Donate at least 1,000 $ to charities & foundations
*unless expecting or a brand new mom.
** repeaters--- things I want to do again bc they mean a lot to me.
- April Jech

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