Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Harvest!

This past weekend we took a long weekend and went to Mulberry Mountain for their annual bluegrass music festival.
We always have such a great time, yes there's tons of hippies, but there's also tons of children and babies, like 3-5 month old ones!
There was more to do this year than the previous ones we went to. We camped with our friends Britton & Emma and Emma and I enjoyed their morning yoga as well as their hulahoop workshop. Both excellent workouts btw! And of course, as usual James and I were both asleep before 1:00 am every night, which apparently is not cool and we were suppose to stay up all night... I like my sleep, what can I say?
Spinning off the children blurb I gotta tell you they had so many activities for young children! Every morning their children activities would go on until about 4:00 and they did face paintings, dancing, and had this massive tent that the kids could go in, like a tepee tent. So cute!
They also had adult workshops that were really neat, in the pic above of the man with the puppet "That 1 Guy" he did a workshop on his hand made and created instruments, his music is different, but he is a sight to be seen for sure!

We had a wonderful weekend, however we missed our bed something fierce.
All in all, things at the Jech @ Hindsville residence are well.
Getting in the fallsie spirit and will tackle the rest of the Halloween/Fall/Harvest/Thanksgiving decorations tonight.
James is still actively working on the yard/ deer plot we have rye and wheat sprouting up all over!
Hope my sweet blog buddies are having a marvelous week! I'll post fall pics when done! :-)


  1. Sounds like good times!! And if you aren't "cool" for going to bed before 1:00, I'm a total loser lately for going to bed at about 8:30? :)

  2. LOL JEN!!!
    that's awesome! i keep my eye on the clock every night and when it hits 9:00 i've got my mind on the bed :-D


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