Thursday, December 29, 2011

The First Trimester

I've been writing this for several weeks now. I can't think of anymore to add to it so here it is!

Thoughts on the first trimester
- 11/22/11 6:00 AM - oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!! No way!
- I interrupt James while he's showering. His response "really?! Awesome!"
- then for about two weeks and five positive pregnancy tests later still "No way! Really!"
{ & it still hasn't sank in }

Feelings on the first trimester
- why am I sea sick?
- &dizzy?
- blOOOOOOOOOOOOOOated beyond all reason
- Hank, did you just toot or was that me?
- holy moly meh boobies!!
- did I mention bloat?
- someone, about 25 miles away is baking cookies, I can smell them!
- OH! I need Mexican food, if I don't have Mexican food I'll just die!
(three days later)
-OH! I need Thai food, please oh please oh please. Palm Noodle Bar JAMES! Spicy peanut noodle curry bowl JAMES!!!!! You're the best! Om nom nom
And last but not least
- asleep by 9:00 every week night.
- I'm never eating anything tomato paste base again.

Findings on the first trimester
- I've found that keeping the news between James and I has been a really great experience.
Its like the calm before the storm, just the two of us talking about being parents, baby names, labor etc. It's been a peaceful and reflective few weeks. :)

- I've also found in keeping the news to ourselves that everyone's pregnancy is different. I went in expecting the worst & came out feeling better than I had anticipated. Sure there were a few bad moments of nausea and exhaustion, but for me personally it hasn't been horrific as others have expressed. I'm sorry for you all though. :-/

• Lastly, I can't believe we kept this to ourselves for more than a month! •

-April Jech

Monday, December 26, 2011

2012: the best is yet to come

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. I know we did as we broke our news to our families this weekend. We are still excited/shocked/amazed/curious/anxious/down right giddy. 
A lot of people have been asking our due date, it's approx. 07/18/12
We'll know more when we finally get to go to the doctor. Fingers, toes, legs, arms, nose hairs, and eyeballs crossed all is well with Baby Jech. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Iron & Wine

My dearest, most dearest in the world Ashley Love. AKA My BFF BFFLOMGLOL Etc.
Works at UCA's Reynolds Performance Hall in Conway.

Lets start off with the openers... Marketa Irglova and her band!
Phenomenal! I do apologize for these pictures they were taken BEFORE I figured out what the heck I'd done to my camera. Blast!


Ida from Iran... and I can't remember what her instrument is called but she ROCKED IT!

You might be wondering "Marketa, Marketa how do I know that name?"
She's from Once. Boom!
{side note, I walked down the aisle to the  instrumental version of this song 
redone by vitamin string quartet. Fun!} 

After Marketa finished Iron and Wine took the stage!

I don't know how I managed to "sit still" I wanted to dance SO bad but everyone was sitting and being good. Gah! Sam Beam was FANTASTIC!
I also want to say that his band was off the hook the sax player was SO talented. I wish I'd of gotten a better pic of him, he was kind of in the back...

After the show we were invited to go to the meet & greet! I was so excited I didn't even talk I just smiled and giggled GAH!!! Little did I know how wigged out I looked... I honestly didn't even remember if the picture was taken... yuh. STAR STRUCK! (I can mark that off my 30 before 30 list!) 

this is my favorite song from their latest album. 
if you get into it for real, check out the rest. they're wonderful!
Iron & Wine- Kiss Each Other Clean- Big Burned Hand 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas time's a-coming!

I'm so ready for Christmas!!
All the pretty lights, christmas trees, happiness in the air::: hows that song go....
Children Laughing, People Passing Meeting Smile After Smile...
Ahh yes.

The only thing I wasn't really prepared for is this brrrr cold weather!!!

Don't get me wrong, I love the snow... but I hate how many wrecks people have because of the snow and ice. It makes me so sad (as I was once a former victim of sledding on the highway with my car).
So to those of you who have had a brutal run in with the weather. I'm thinking of you!

I posted a "poll" in my right side bar for your favorite Christmas movie!!!
I love Christmas movies! Probably even more than Christmas music!!
Please "vote" on your favorite one, and if you want comment below and tell me why it's your favorite!

My favorite Christmas movie is "Christmas Vacation" I've watched that movie on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember (yes long before it was age appropriate for me to even view).
We would spend most of our Christmas' growing up in Central MO where my mothers family lives. We'd stay at my Grandma's house and watch Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve and we'd all laugh and laugh. We do our best to continue on the tradition here in Arkansas with the Anderson/Jech bunch.
Yes it's foul mouthed, but I couldn't care less. However our kiddos probably will already be in bed when we watch it for the first several years of their lives... :)
Anyway confession I'll even watch it in the middle of the year just to get a "fix". Hehehe.

If I didn't list a great movie, or your favorite please let me know! I wanna know what I'm missing out on!!

I know I'll blog between now and Christmas but I do still want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!
I cannot wait to rein in the new year, I know that 2012 has many blessings ahead!