Thursday, December 29, 2011

The First Trimester

I've been writing this for several weeks now. I can't think of anymore to add to it so here it is!

Thoughts on the first trimester
- 11/22/11 6:00 AM - oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!! No way!
- I interrupt James while he's showering. His response "really?! Awesome!"
- then for about two weeks and five positive pregnancy tests later still "No way! Really!"
{ & it still hasn't sank in }

Feelings on the first trimester
- why am I sea sick?
- &dizzy?
- blOOOOOOOOOOOOOOated beyond all reason
- Hank, did you just toot or was that me?
- holy moly meh boobies!!
- did I mention bloat?
- someone, about 25 miles away is baking cookies, I can smell them!
- OH! I need Mexican food, if I don't have Mexican food I'll just die!
(three days later)
-OH! I need Thai food, please oh please oh please. Palm Noodle Bar JAMES! Spicy peanut noodle curry bowl JAMES!!!!! You're the best! Om nom nom
And last but not least
- asleep by 9:00 every week night.
- I'm never eating anything tomato paste base again.

Findings on the first trimester
- I've found that keeping the news between James and I has been a really great experience.
Its like the calm before the storm, just the two of us talking about being parents, baby names, labor etc. It's been a peaceful and reflective few weeks. :)

- I've also found in keeping the news to ourselves that everyone's pregnancy is different. I went in expecting the worst & came out feeling better than I had anticipated. Sure there were a few bad moments of nausea and exhaustion, but for me personally it hasn't been horrific as others have expressed. I'm sorry for you all though. :-/

• Lastly, I can't believe we kept this to ourselves for more than a month! •

-April Jech


  1. OMG, lady, we definitely need to meet up for some Thai food. YUUUUUUUMMMMM!!

  2. Congrats on keeping a secret!!! That's my plan. There is something exciting and bonding about it. (I hope). We are sooooo excited. Have I mentioned I CAN'T Wait to see the nursery!!!

  3. Very impressive keeping it a secret! So happy for you guys!!

  4. I haven't been on here in a while! Congrats!!! So excited for you :D


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