Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An Investment

I've been wanting to write this blog post for quite awhile. However I haven't had the time to sit down at a real computer (IE not my iPad) and give it a go.

So, I've decided after a couple weeks into the new year that I do want a new years resolution thanks to listening to the Janette's Show on Sirius 107. Janette had a guest speaker on about a week into the new year who has a website The Promise 365 her blog (and I may very well be wrong) started in 2011 when she had some self-awarness that she is a shopaholic, she stopped shopping for anything new and only used what she had for all of 2011 and put her thoughts and time into her Mind, Heart, Body & Soul. Her 2012 resolution is to overcome things she fears. Even though I only got to listen to ~10 minutes of her interview she inspired me to start investing in MY mind, heart, body and soul. A package deal.

I'm journal my food intake and exercise every day. trying to eat around 1600 calories a day--- going to ask the Dr. on the 31st if that's the right amount, seems fitting to me.
I joined a gym at Clubhaus Fittness it's a bit steeper than what I was wanting to pay for a monthly membership but the bit of extra money is well worth it. They offer around 60 classes a week that I cannot take because as I've tried to make crystal clear here, I'm pregnant and all doctors (and webmd.com) have said for your pulse to not exceed 140 BMP. However I get to utilize technogym elliptical, cycling, and treadmills as well as technogym machine weights. There's so much more there that I won't be able to use until after the munchkin gets here but I'm happy with what I can use! Also it's no contract and there aren't really many "meat heads" there. People of all ages, shapes and sizes; I biked next to a 9 months pregnant lady just the other day!
Just an FYI the best BEST part of going to the gym is that I'm not just doing this for myself, there's someone else who is depending on me to make smart choices and be the best momma I can be. :-D

I am doing my best to not be my usual ADHD self and listen REALLY LISTEN to my friends and family.
I has such a horrid habit of hearing people but not really listening, I don't mean to point fingers but I blame my dad for this trait. Every conversation I have I'm doing my best to give my full attention to and actually listen to the person that's talking to me. Whether it's in person, electronic or on the phone.

I need to nourish my soul as much as anything else. I'm patiently waiting for 2012 duck season to be over so James and I can start attending church. We know which one we will attend and luckily this coming weekend is the LAST weekend of duck season. In the mean time I'll keep praying and thanking God for all of the blessings in my life. I also think some soul nourishing will come into play as the baby gets closer to arriving. I cannot fathom how wonderful yet trying the next several years will be for us. Can't wait.

An idle mind is the devils playground. And my mind has been just that on and off throughout my years.
I'm trying to be MINDFUL of that and whenever I find myself oh I don't know, mindlessly eating--- stop.
Speaking unsavory about someone--- stop. It's not becoming and it's not healthy.
I've surrounded myself with drama free people. I have the most "drama free" husband there is as well as my closest friends and family (namely my sister in law on the family as my brother is pretty dramatic...)
I'm learning more and more as the time goes on about the pregnancy: development of mommy and baby. I still REFUSE to be a know-it-all about pregnancy and you can COUNT on me not being a know-it-all when it comes to parenting.

So that's my plan, it's solid and most certainly attainable. 
Do you have any new years resolutions? what are they and how is it all going?


  1. I think this is amazing! We all have those people in our life who affect us in a negative way. Kudos to you for weeding them out! You are already a great momma for realizing the need to take care of your self and baby J :)

  2. You are amazing and I really love this post. I'm actually going to look to this as a model for myself :)

  3. You two are gonna make me cry! Gosh!


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