Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 13, Friday 13

Aloha from the great "state" of second trimester!
Today was a wonderful day, we went to our second appointment and got to hear some really great heart beats on the Doppler in the Doctors office! I had went 8 days prior for my "registration" and what not and we heard the heartbeat, but only for a split second on two different occasions. Today, Friday the 13th we had much better luck! S/he was strutting his/her stuff on the Doppler for Dr, James & I.
Dr. says everything looks as it should and to keep on keeping on. Ok, she didn't say it like that she's not a hippie... Or a trucker. ;)
Heart rate was 149 BPM Which simply means healthy to me but to others they like to guess the sex based off of that number. I'm still undecided--- James just KNOWS its a girl. I feel like we have teams forming amongst our family much like "team Edward team Jacob" for the twilight fans out there.

My mom,James and friend Ashley think girl. They're all positive.
My aunt and cousin (cousin is a psychic I swear) say boy... They are sure it's a boy

So, what do YOU think?
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We'll have our sonogram ~20 weeks AKA leap day! (hopefully before then)

FYI the doctor says there's just one in there! Darn. :-/


  1. Haha, when we heard the heartbeat the first time it was 167 I believe. Taylor asked the doctor if that meant girl and he said "that means it's a baby". LOL. Obviously not a girl :)

  2. When you said heartbeats, I thought you were having twins!!

  3. I'm kinda torn on my boy vote. I really need to see you in person and get vypes before the sonogram tell all date. Ohhhh, who cares, its going to be WONDERFUL!!!!!!


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