Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's in a name?

James and I have been talking about names a lot lately.
So far it's been a fun time mixing and matching boy and girl names.
And I now realize I need like 6-8 kids to utilize all the names I like!

Here's some of our family & friends GOOFIEST Baby Jech names!
Thanks for playing along you all!

Quentin says: Herman Sherman
Linda says: Opie James
or Oniska Fern
Mom says: Gunther Obiadiah
Jenny Samples says: Jack Jech
Colby A says: jagger swagger
Kelly says: japril
Ron says: Jenny Tull Jech
Jenny Dillon says: Joan Jech
Emma says: traylor park Jech
Sharon Milburn says: jukin jesse Jech
Sara Kennet says: tech Jech
Uncle Don says: Jackie Joe Jech

There's some real dandy's in there!
Thanks again!

Looks like we'll know the sex of the baby between mid and late february. Can't wait!


  1. Those are brilliant! But I'm sure you can come up with something better :)

  2. Jackie Joe Jech! haha love it but not as awesome as Joan Jech

  3. I vote for jagger swagger and joan


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