Friday, February 17, 2012

bliggity blog

I was in the middle of writing out this drawn out long A blog post and I decided to nix it.
I don't want to read my craziness and if I don't you sure as heck don't want to!

So... Treat others the way you wish to be treated. I need to keep that in mind, and any of you that "needed" that too I hope you keep it in your mind too. Not for anything in particular, just in general. :-D

I'm 18 weeks and change today!
in 11 days we will have our sonogram and if baby J cooperates we'll know if it's a him or a her!
I cannot wait!

Here's my bump from a couple weeks ago... side view is much easier to comprehend than the front view... front view is all love handles, muffin tops and thunder thighs. (why God why!?!?!)

I think this is week 16... or 17??? I can't remember!
Anyway nothing has changed in that department.

Fun fact: when I wake up in the morning my "bump" below my belly button is really hard and bulging out. SO every morning I "pet" the baby (freak) and tell it good morning... then I pet my furbaby Hank and tell him to gets the hell up because momma's gotta pee.
So loving.

What else... another useful and FUN fact!
If you're in need for a "last minute" babies sex reveal cake HARPS is the place to order! Other bakeries in Spring & Faye ask for 24-72 hours notice.
Harps is going to prebake a white cake for me, I'm going to call them with the proper color to fill in the middle and then I can do my follow up dr's appointment and run circles around the building. Meanwhile they'll be putting either pink or blue icing in the middle of the cake and then the outer layer will be white!

If we were waiting to reveal a few days later I'd do the whole "dye the actual cake pink or blue" but momma can't wait that long.

Aren't those sweet? Ours won't be as nice but that's A-OK!!!
James & I are having family out to eat Tuesday night where we will cut into the cake after dinner!!

Lastly: The Whitney Houston Pandora station is wonderful, kinda makes me sad too.

Happy Weekend Lovelies!!!


  1. You are so pretty :) And so are those cakes, yum! The reveal will be so much fun!!

  2. April you are darling, best of luck to you and James!

  3. Congrats ....can't wait to see what you are having! I am suspecting a girl but we will see!

  4. I will be tuning in again to see if it's a him or her!!!!

  5. Love the bump! My vote is for a BOY!!

  6. MMMMMm cake! NOw i'm having a craving! Thanks! lol. And as far as the muffin top/love handles, do you have a belly band yet? If not, go to target or whatever and get one stat. that's the only thing saving me from Flowy all the time. ESPECIALLY b/c I don't like the wide elastic of the maternity pants actually ON my tummy, so I fold it down, which makes the muffin top SO MUCH WORSE. So then I put a belly band on over that, and fold it in half, and it gives my belly a little more support AND smoothes out the love handles. It does get a little snug feeling by the end of the day, but it helps till I can get home and put on PJ pants! ;-) Can't wait to find out the sex of your sweet baby! ;-)

    1. great idea! i do have one i just kinda wore it in the beginning bloated stages with my normal pants.
      glad i bought it again, i was kind of having buyers remorse!


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