Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who Do You Follow?

I don't know about you, but I personally have gotten a bit tired of Facebook. I am not sure what it is, I felt the same way I did about Myspace and a few months later I cancelled it.
I don't think I'll deactivate my Facebook I've grown too attached to it.
I like that I can see what's going on with my family across the country and friends that are on travels.
My best reason to never delete it is that it's the only "tie" I have to my late friend Tamara. I can go to her page anytime I want and see all kinds of pictures! I wouldn't want to lose that.

So, since I've gotten a bit bored with Facebook I've turned to other things like Twitter & Instagram. I really enjoy both but sometimes they can feel cluttered and overwhelming. I can't stand for things to be cluttered so I started hitting the blog a little harder than I used to.

All of that brings me to this: Who do you follow? Would you recommend I follow someone you're following? Light or heavy hearted I enjoy most subject matter.

I've tried to make the commenting feature as easy as possible to use on my blog so please send me a comment, Facebook message, tweet, text, email, whatever and let me know who you'd recommend!


  1. I am totally with you. I like FB to keep up with everyone, but I'm loving my blog more and more!

    Here are some of my faves! Now, the blog about Tripp (EBing a Mommy) is sad. The baby just recently passed away. But his momma's love for him blows me away.

    1. I read just a bit of Tripps blog after you posted to pray for them. Oh my word I feel so sorry for them. They are all so brave.



    She is hilarious. I did gymnastics with her growing up.

  4. I mostly follow weight loss blogs and a few fashion blogs. I love tj's test kitchen, and I love, love, love Enjoying the Small Things

  5. I need to be a better bigger and commenter! You are always so sweet. Pinterest is my latest obsessiion!

  6. ohhh.. here are some more fun blogs to follow :) My new interests.


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