Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's A... Mystery

We're 19 weeks today!
And we still don't know what "it" is...

It's A... Mystery

-Chinese gender predictor says girl
-The old wives tale tests say boy
-My husband & mom say girl
-Majority of my family says boy
- My girlfriends think girl
-The old timers at work say boy 
-The needle/pencil test says girl
- Intelligender says boy
- Colby Grace had a very vivid dream it's a girl

So which is it? Which do you believe? Me: I'm lost as a goose.
For an answer with a 50/50 chance it sure is a tough one. 
We have six more days until we find out!
Considering February is the shortest month, it sure has been the slowest to me. 

*update* I took this pic first thing this AM
19 weeks and "1 day" or too much mexican food last night. ;)

Side note: feeling the baby flutter around every day now!! Apparently s/he likes food as much as mommy does! *happy food dance*


  1. Have you done the drano test??

    1. no not yet, i don't know that i will i heard the fumes are one to stay away from.
      did you do it!?

  2. Okay, I'm throwing in my two cents ... girl!

  3. I'm voting boy, but hoping for girl. =) You are looking great!


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