Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Livin' on a prayer!

ahem, woah-o we're half way there. woah-o! livin' on a prayer!
This baby is 20 weeks!
Hooray baby J!

I don't even know where to begin...
so I'll start with our 11:30 apt yesterday with the u/s tech (aka what I wanted to be when I grew up)
profile of baby hanging out w/ Mr. Placenta

Dr. Seale says everything looks perfect. Measured at 20 weeks yesterday (baby is just 1 day off!)
HB was 137 and the U/S footage was by far the coolest thing I've seen this year... yet.
And I've only gained 6.5 lbs since the start of the pregnancy! Thank YOU elliptical!

Let's move on to the party...
After we put our families through torture last night we finally cut into our "reveal" cake!!!
their number is 479-582-9566 and I highly recommend them! They're doing so good and the CAKE holy moly!! YUM!

Isn't it sweet as can be!?

Our little niece Carlie did the honors of cutting into the cake (love that girl) and...


We were so shocked!! James and I would have both bet money that HE was a SHE but HE is a HE!!!!
We couldn't care less but we're SO excited to know that baby Jech is healthy and happy! And we're so glad to know what "it" is!
So YES we're working on names, I've had several people ask me today and of course our families last night. I have one name that I love love love and all I need is for James to say "yup that's it, lets do this" and I can shout it from the rooftops. I've been in the mindset that the baby is a girl so I had all of my girl bedding picked out and some tootie rompers. Next baby!!! LOL.

Here's what I have so far!
My PPB Boxy Backpack! This bad boy should be at my doorstep TONIGHT when I get home! 
(at least that's what the tracking info said)

And I've decided on a super cute bedding! I've been eyeballing this bedding for about three weeks now and I keep going back to it. My friend Robin made a great point this weekend that it's nice to have sort of gender neutral bedding so I can re-purpose for the next baby. (awe what a good little hippy I am!)
So I've bought the 4-piece bedding set, rug, valances and changing pad today! And I found the 4 pc bedding set for 100$ cheaper than the baby specialty stores! (take THAT baby store!) hehe.

Anyway, I think that's all, as if it wasn't enough. I'm very excited! ~20 more weeks!


  1. SO SO excited! Our sweet boys are gonna be best friends! :) Also, I almost started singing out loud at the beginning of this post. Did you get the DVD of the U/S? If so, I wanna watch pleeeease??

    1. of course! i watched it twice last night! :-D

  2. Congratulations!!!! So happy for my baby boy expecting friends :)

  3. hahahah I love the opening song. I sang it as I read it. We are so happy to hear baby BOY jech is healthy and growing well! What a blessing! Harps did a WONDERFUL job on your cake! So awesome! Love the nursery bedding you picked out!! I saw that when I was looking at the girl bedding you sent and loved it! And if you dont want to reuse for next baby maybe you can sell to me!?! And last WAY TO GO on really keeping your weight in control!! You are a super inspiration!!

    1. Thank you Jenny!! I am so excited!
      Thank you for all of your help on "the baby obsession"!!

  4. Congrats april!! Love what you have picked out! So cute! Look at this website as well - super cute stuff

  5. I can't believe you've only gained 6 pounds!!!! Way to go!!!!!!


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