Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Week 16: the Chick fil a stage

My ever so skinny mother of two dental hygienist: "you don't look pregnant, if you wouldn't have said anything I wouldn't have noticed"
Me: "I don't think I look pregnant either, just fat"
Hygienist: "ah you're at the chick Fil A stage: you don't look pregnant just like you ate too much chick fil a."

So true. And I'd totally eat some chick fil a right about now.
Or anything really. kidding, I just ate ;)

On to the doctors appointment: I met Dr. Gorman, whose reputation preceded him. I was nervous to meet him as he's notorious for mentioning/getting on to you for your weight. With my weight creeping up I was nervous. I'm almost back to what I weighed in high school, being what I weighed in high school is a massive (pun intended) fear of mine; I'm about 20 lbs away from there. So if I gain more than 20 lbs through the pregnancy I'll be back to my chubby ass self and I'll hate the heck out of that. I understand that gaining weight is part of this. I just really wish the baby would think of the 3 R's: recycle, reduce, reuse (or repurpose) repurpose say my thigh fat for some baby weight, or start trimming off the love handles and on to the navel area.
Anyway, (sigh) I brought up health and fitness to Dr. Gorman, he wasn't concerned at all about my health (really?!?) and he said twice how impressed he was that I keep counting calories, water intake and exercising.

So let me quickly break this down for those of you who are interested
Calories: you need 1800-2000 a day! I've been hitting 1500-1700. I just need to stay away from "empty calories".
Water: I'm drinking 100+ oz water a day. By the end of the day I look like a barrel. He said its the nature of the beast and to keep drinking.
Exercising: long story short, I jogged HB got up to 160 BMP. No more jogging gotta stay at/around 140 BMP. Just like my genius friend Jenny said. We'll meet again soon jogging! Me and you buddy!!
Dr. Gorman was a super nice guy, I feel horrible I went in expecting the worst.

Also, heart beat of the baby sounded good and
our ULTRASOUND appointment is 2/28!!!! 
That's when we get to find out the sex!!! 

Anyway, that's the highlights of the Doctors appointment

In other news: James is turning 30 this weekend!!!! I'm much more excited about his birthday than he is.
Hank has issues: he has an intestional issue right now and on the mend after a pretty disasterious day yesterday. Poor puppy.


  1. Poor puppy dog :( And you look georgeous pregnant, not chic fil a pregnant although that made me LOL :)

  2. I love this post. I know the feeling. You feel bigger but not pregnant. Just bloated :( Dont worry - that belly will soon turn to a tight little baby bump! Next appointment are you finding out the sex?

  3. You are doing awesome! Can't wait to hear more....

  4. Yes sorry to not explain we find out the sex at the next ultrasound appointment 2/28!!! 26 days away!!!!

  5. He (Dr. Gorman) is one of my favorite people on the planet. I adore him. He was my doctor through everything with Jack and I could not have asked for more. Precious man.

    Can't wait to hear what the baby is! And Happy B-day to James! :)

  6. OK when do the non-facebookers get to see preggy pictures??? Everyone loves baby bump pictures! How exciting that you get to know the sex soon!!! How exciting!


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