Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't do as I act, do as I say... My Supper Mistake

Last night's dinner started out as "lets have turkey sandwiches" and it turned in to a two hour cooking ordeal.
Instead of Turkey Sandwiches we made....

And Grilled chicken basted in "Brown Sauce" a freebie sauce I got when I bought the Zac Brown Band Cookbook...
It's not bad, it's different from our norm.
So, according to the directions which I failed to follow you coat the sweet potato wedges with a type of vegetable oil, I chose safflower oil... this could be where I went wrong. Then you sprinkle them with the above links spices. We chose Cavender's, Sugar and a little bit of Salt (Cavender's is already pretty salty)
and you put them in the oven at 450 for 30 min (15 flip, 15)

As you can see my pan is 1, awesome but 2, lacks a LIP! SOOO yeah.. Safflower oil went EVERYWHERE in the oven, caught the bottom of the oven on fire after only cooking for 10 minutes. Good to know I'm useless in a crisis all I said to James was "what do we do?" and he said "turn the oven off!" So we cranked up the grill and got cozy with the ovens "self-clean" feature... it did a good job! I regret not taking a before and after picture.

So here's our still raw sweet potato wedges on the grill and skinless chicken basted in Brown Sauce...
Notice the foil on only the sweet potato fries.... with "hand made" lip! 

after 15 minutes.... "flip"
 Hindsight's 20/20 and I'm no stranger to making a mistake. We learned last night that we also should have covered the entire grill with foil because all of the heat was sort of displaced and sent to the front where the chicken was... it was considerably hotter than where the wedges were... thus making the chicken pretty crispy! Also it's best that you keep oil on the foil throughout the cooking because, well, they burn... but we actually enjoyed the burned ones too. Just not the ones burnt to to a total crisp... Hank the dog got to enjoy those!
It's a little worse for the wear but here's our el finito dinner
So with a house full of smoke (luckily it didn't stink thanks to it being Safflower Oil) we stayed outside until the sun went down looking at other cookbooks I have and dreaming up future dinners.
Ahhh to be newly weds and so, so ignorant on food... Poor James.

Hank just before the "smoke scene"
I hope you all try these sweet potato wedges and don't make the same mistakes I made... they really were good! And we got a good laugh out of it all.

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