Friday, March 2, 2012

Marinade In It...

After days weeks months of talking baby names with James we've finally come to a great name.
It's a little unique, but we think it's SO fitting.
I've not slept exactly "sound" since we found out it's as boy. I have so many things on my mind and I love him so much already. James and I LIGHTLY talked baby names before we knew the sex. We'd settled on two girls names and three boys names. We're both very picky, and we both had criteria. Since we found out it's a boy we've talked names pretty thoroughly every night and at the end of each night we keep coming to an agreement on the same name, sounds like a match to me!

I know you're just dying to know the criteria.

- The name must be a two-syllable first name with the exception of Paul, James' paternal grandpa's name.
     < reason being our last name is Jech (like Tech) it's short, and sweet. We didn't want anything "choppy"

- The name must be easy to spell and lack spelling variations. AKA it is what it is.
     < in the beginning for a girl, I had my heart set on Kaylin after my late grandmother Myrna Kay and my late friend Tamara Lynn, I love it still, but we already have to spell and pronounce Jech to everyone anytime we have to say our last name. I would be doing a child a disservice by him/her constantly having to say something to the effect of "my name is Kaylin Jech, yes with a K not a C and a Y not an E at the end of Kay and an I not a Y in lin and it's not 'Yeck' and it's with an H not a K" I mean seriously, she'd end of going by Kay Jech and we're back to criteria one... too choppy.
     < as a general, caring human being I hate misspelling people's names I feel like I'm insulting them. I know they get used to it but I do feel for them.

- The name cannot be super popular or trendy
     < I don't think I even need to explain.

- The name needs to fit us
     < We're pretty laid back people... well, James more so then myself but I try. The name needed to be southern, comfortable, laid back, classic, practical, unique but not wacky.

- The name needed to pass the yell test, common phrases test, Christmas card test and transition test.
     oh I know you're on the edge of your seat wanting to know what THESE are!
     < The Common Phrases Test: Come on April let's go! James are you ready for school? etc.
     < The Christmas Card Test: "Merry Christmas from James, April _____ & Hank Jech"
     < The Transition Test: Infant: "awe James is such a cute baby" Child: "April is doing well in school" Teen: " My daughter April plays basketball" College: "James lives in my dorm" or "Heck yes I went to April's party last night" lastly Adult: "Hello 'future boss' my name is April Jech It's nice to meet you" or " oh are you talking about president James Jech? Yeah he's rad" stuff like that.... The name needed to be a good baby, child and adults name.
- The name must be sex specific.
     < This came highly recommended from my brother, Morgan who "hates" his name because it's also a girl name. I.E. "Hello can I please speak to Miss. Morgan Anderson? Is she there?" In Morgan's defense his name traditionally was a boys name until the girlie girls got a hold of it. I like his name regardless.

- The name must have family ties
     < We really wanted to incorporate one of both sides of our families Since on this baby we're using just James side perhaps the next we'll pick a name from my side. If they play their cards right... jk

And Lastly

- The name can't bring up negative feelings (for James and I) or have a preceding bad impression
     < I.E. Eh, I knew a guy/girl with that name and s/he was a real _______.

With all that I've got to say this....
This little boy is going to be the perfect combination of these two crazies: He's gonna look like us and hopefully act more like his dad than his mother. If we're lucky.

So without further adieu 
Baby Jech's name is....
that's right! "July Truman Paul Jech 2012" ;)

Truman Paul Jech!
Some folks love it the instant they hear it
Other give me a weird look and ask "Truman?" but later after they MARINADE in it, and it grows on them.
Others may or may not like it but they say something to the effect of "He's your baby, you name him whatever you want!" And if you don't like it at all, please keep it to yourself ;-)

We already have little cutie nicknames forming: Tru, Tman and mommies gangster side, Tpain ;-)


  1. I absolutely love it! Your criteria crack me up :) LOVE your baby pics and can't wait to meat Tpain :) LOL

  2. I love it!! And I love that it's fitting for a baby or the next president ;)

  3. I'm not going to lie... I went to the bottom of the page to see the name because the anticipation was killing me!! :) I have no self control. I had to go back and read the rest after I knew the name :) I like it. Little Tru!

  4. I Love it! Little Tenley and little Truman are going to be soooo sweet! YAY "T" names!

  5. Love it April! Obviously I like unique names as well. I just wish I had thought longer on how long it would take Thompson to learn/write his name. ;) Truman will be an awesome little boy with an awesome name!!

  6. I love that you are having a little boy and naming it Truman. It sounds like such a legacy!

  7. thank you all so much!!! we're really tickled with this whole thing. i go to bed every night squeezing James' arm saying "oh my gosh we're going to have a baby!!!" doesn't make falling a sleep very easy, but i'm pumped up 24/7!!!


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