Monday, March 12, 2012

Projects for Truman

I've been on my mom and dad to come up with their grandparent names. I know some people say the baby chooses the name, others the other way around. Honestly from what I've seen it's probably best that I choose the name... hehe.
When my folks finally come up with their names I'm going to make a who's-who book for Truman.
It's going to look something like this...
Pictures by Miles Witt Boyer 





Grump  <-- yes this will be his name.
Cousins Quentin & Carlie

Uncle Morgan & Uncle Charlie

Aunt Mollie & Aunt Ashley
Cousin Colby
And so on :-D

Another project is Operation Bassinet.
The bassinet I'm using was "mine" when I was little, my brother and cousins Tara & Paige used it as well.
The fabric is in dire need of a facelift,  yet I want to keep a nostalgic feel to it. Since the bassinet is so old, the fitted sheets and such should be made, it's not longer "standard size".
So here's what we got at the fabric store this weekend! The seamstress is coming by today to pick it all up and put my plan into action.
45X45 T-shirt like receiving blanket. I don't know why, but I'm SO excited about this puppy fabric.

45X45 Receiving blanket for the bassinet.

Fabric for the fitted sheet for the mattress in the bassinet.
 We're going to take the "olive/polka dot" fabric and use it for the bumpers as well in the bassinet.


  1. What a great idea!! Is Grump your dad's preferred name? LOL :)

  2. He's goimg to be "grump" because he IS!!!!!
    Moms torn between Grammy & Mimi.

  3. That's hilarious!!!! My parents are GiGi and Grumpy!!!!

  4. They are verry cute names! Excited for you!

  5. Ok I got behind on the blog somehow. I LOVE the baby bassinet material! And its so sweet that actual bassinet use to be yours! Of course I love "Tru" as I will call him and "man" as Justin will call him and if I'm feeling gangsta Tpain of course. Your criteria should be published and used by every new mom. After seeing the names of the kids Mia goes to school with I'm afraid new moms use no criteria sometimes. Mia has a "whos who" book like that called "God made me" with pictures of everyone. She STILL loves looking through it 6 years later. The I prayed for this child made me tear up! I LOVE that!! Ok this novel has gushed on long enough! See you friday!!


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