Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review! {the happenings @ Casa de Jech}

James and I made this last night...
Got all the products for under $20 (the oxy clean is optional... Would have been cheaper if I'd have omitted that)
James seemed to enjoy himself too... Something about reasonably priced items in the home that are safe & gentle made him smile, but mostly the $$$ aspect I'm sure :)

{thank you to Ashley <3 for sharing this with me}

We had a huge weekend last weekend considering we had very little planned.
Friday night we had a long overdue dinner party with The Keeners & Dillons!
They drank beer, I watched :-/ Well, Lindsey joined me in the spectating.
We cooked Bistro Steak, seriously go get this if you've never tried it. It's 1/4 the price of a filet minon and just as tender... Not to mention twice as big. We also grilled shish kabobs & asparagus w/ EVOO & garlic
Jenny brought over this amazing artichoke "dip" bread.
And Lindsey made this kill me good dip and s'mores dessert.
The girls said they got their recipes from pintrest... My response "I never pintrest it's to cluttered on my phone, it's annoying & overwhelming" I still stand by this, but on my iPad at the actual website it's as good as being on the laptop! Now I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!

Here's Jenny's arti-bread

I'll update if I find Lindsey's s'mores dessert & crack dip. :) in the mean time check out her board, she's got tons of good recipes!

Saturday night we went out with the Anderson family for Nanny Anderson's birthday!
I know I'm getting old when I complain about everything being too expensive on the menu. I know costs have gone up as we have a restaurant here at the store, but man!

Sunday was wonderful I had a much needed girls day with my dear friends Megan Colby & Kenzie! We should have taken a pic. It's been almost a year since the five of us were all together, unfortunately Tabitha had a wedding to attend that weekend in the Boro, so just Colby & I got to see her Thursday for some sushi. Mmmmm.
Since this picture was taken:
Tabitha is in sales where she travels all over but luckily a bit of her business is near NWA so we get to see her when it works out. Megan has moved to Conway, attending UCA to become a teacher. Colby is engaged & we're eagrly awaiting their wedding! Makenzie and I are both expecting our first children, our due dates are 14 days apart!
We had a great time visiting & shopping.

Which brings me to my next review or my newest epiphany...
Plum District, Totsy & Zulily are the devil! I've found myself buying things for Truman a few times a week, on every site! So I had a heart-to-head conversation with myself and I've decided to delete all of these emails without looking at them. Between these sites, amazon and etsy I've got to quit it. Luckily most of my "must buy" things have already been bought. All that's left is a breast pump if anyone really wanted to know that tid-bit.
And of course whatever is left on my registry that I really need.
Speaking of: check out Truman's registry!
Target: search James or April Jech- Target Registry
JC Penny: his bedding is online only :-/ -JCP Registry

Lastly, it's been four weeks since I took a belly pic. Please forgive the no makeup-ness. I was in a bit of a hurry!

Happy 23 weeks baby Truman!!


  1. Thanks for sharing ! ♥

  2. I love Hank in the background!!!!

  3. glad to see hank included in the up coming event....he will make a great baby sitter. truman will love hank and hank will love truman!!! god bless.....


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