Thursday, March 15, 2012

What I'm Loving... Thursday

Whoops, I'm a day late and a dollar short. What else is new?
Moving on!

I love that we received Quentin's crib a couple weekends ago and got some new screws from the manufacture! We/I put it together this weekend and I made James "tighten it up" because that's mans-work and my fingers hurt...  I think it looks good, I pray oh LORD how I pray we use this crib instead of "the family bed". We already have a 60 LB hairy, pushy, log that sleeps with us AKA Hank. I don't think I can stand all four members of our family in a queen size.
Side note: I think this will transform from a crib to a toddler bed pretty easily!

 The nursery is a long way from completion so forgive the "bareness"

I love that Truman's "big boy" car seat came in. I know, I know I jumped the gun. BUT
This car seat will start out in James' truck. It is legit to carry a 5-70 Lb child. James didn't want to mess with the whole "infant carrier" business. So while momma is using the infant carrier car seat daddy will have momma's Britax car seat. When T-man gets big enough this car seat will go back in my car and James will have a different one. OR the person who hauls Truman the most will get the best car seat. This was a pretty big purchase, it stung to say the least but I feel that the peace of mind outweighs the big purchase.
Bonus: I got it for $125.00 off the normal price. Thanks Amazon!
Isn't it pretty though?
I love that this time next week we will have Truman's Changing table/dresser! I think it will match the crib easily. James says I won't use the changing tabletop, I'm really hoping to prove him wrong. I've heard that having a set place to do a majority of the diaper changing can really help cut down on germs & what-not.

I love my thank you post cards!!! Yes I know this is a big "jumping the gun" but It serves duel purpose. This is an 8X10 that will also hang in Truman's room!

Lastly, take a look at the Lenslight App for iPhone/iPad It's really neat!
Oh and play me on draw something! my username is Apezula


  1. Love Love Love the bedding! And the carseat looks very comfy :)

  2. Man you are on it! You've got your sh*t together! I like your nursery color palette.

  3. The crib is adorable!! I'm planning on actually using our changing table too - hoping that works out :) Seems easier than having diapers and such at multiple place around the house.. Also love the sweet thank you cards!


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