Tuesday, April 24, 2012

And we're back!

James and I went with my folks on a mini-vaca last week to Mississippi and a bit of Louisiana!
The first couple days were very "propane related" as you may or may not know my dad is Hank Hill...

We looked at propane tanks, bulk plants etc. We met up with dads friend, Solan Scott and his charming wife Teresita for dinner at this fun restaurant were every table has its own room for a "cozy dining experience" in Greenwood, MS.
The next day we got to tour Solan's catfish farm, America's Catch. His catfish farm contains over 500 ponds and they process 220,000-230,000 lbs of catfish a DAY! We got to visit the hatchery, ponds and processing plant. The circle of catfish life if you will.
It was amazing to me how organized and efficient the plant was, some of those people were so busy that they couldn't even look up. Made me appreciate my job.
James with his processing plant garb on (made me laugh)
We arrived at Natchez, MS Wednesday and vaca'ed until Sunday morning. We took a mini trip to Baton Rouge, and drove through the river-walk area, campus and past some cool houses. I LOVED the Live Oaks with Spanish Moss ugh! Toured an old house called Longwood, it's never been finished on the inside and is like five stories tall. It's a long story, go take the tour ;)

Other than the tour we generally just loafed around, window shopped and ate like fattening hogs.

Baton Rouge- Couldn't resist "James was here"

Last night I got to take a shot at my very first newborn "shoot". I went over to Jenny and Taylor's house to play with baby Braden. Y'all this little boy is perfect in every way. I got a little misty a few times just looking at him and playing with him. He's so awesome. Even though he never fell asleep, I think we still got a lot of good ones!
Braden Lee you are the stinking cutest lil booger there is!!!

Last and least, Moi. 28 weeks this week! Went to the Doctor today, all's well, tummy is "perfect" which REALLY makes me laugh as that sucker hasn't been perfect since prepubescent 10 year old athletic April.
I've been noticing this knot towards the top of my ribs to the left of my sternum (about marble sized) Dr. Bailey said it's nothing to be of concern with now that it's either a lymphoid or a calcium deposit, however it is tender. (cough, cough hypochondriac)
Baby boy is HEAD DOWN! I'm glad to hear that!
And I think that's about it!  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beyond The Sling {I can read?!}

I have been reading!!
Wow, I know.
I've also managed to not quit this book!
More importantly- I started this book with some pretty strong ideas of how I planned to parent, obviously similar to my folks because that's all I know. However, Mayim has given me some insightful alternatives.
Every chapter I've read, I've thought "______ would love this chapter." or "_____ has talked about this before!"

So far I've read chapters on:
Potty training
Baby Wearing
Home remedies

And I'm only 58% through my book according to my kindle app.

I've found every chapter useful & informative. Oh and not condescending or annoying. Apparently there's a super handy Resource Section at the end of the book {squeal!}.

Moving on, I thought this section was so informative I emailed screen-shots to some of my gals, and then later I decided that that wasn't accessible enough so I para-typed it all out a couple nights ago. I hope I don't get sued for "copying" a part of it. Now make yourself a hand, go buy the book. Part of me wishes I had the physical book to highlight & whatnot but this will just have to do.

Beyond the Sling Home Remedies

- baby acne - do nothing not even soap, water only.

- cradle cap - almond or jojoba oil & a small baby comb can loosen flakes.

- bumps, bruises - holding, cuddling & an ice pack

- cough/croup - nonmedicinal herbal chest rub, salty air. If baby is struggling for air seek medical help immediately

- earache - garlic drops in the ears, breast milk in the ear, diluted hydrogen peroxide (see resources)

- fever - tepid baths, cold washcloths, minimal clothing, close monitoring of baby's energy level.

- headache - cold washcloth, lavender oil infused or rubbed on temples, warm baths with a few drops of lavender oil to calm & treat

- insect bites (including stings) - tea tree & lavender oils or breast milk

- plugged tear duct/ eye inflammation- gentle & frequent massage of tear duct (toward the bridge of the nose) & breast milk squirted/dropped into the eye works wonders

- respiratory flu (congestion, runny nose, weepy eyes, exhaustion) A few drops of eucalyptus oil in the bottom of a shower basin with hot water running can steam up a bathroom & relieve congestion. A cut up onion wrapped up in a sack/cloth & placed near a child's pillow encourages the mucus membranes to run. Plus rest & fluids.

- skinned knees, split lips & splinters - skinned knees get ice, kisses & and nonmedicinal cream like calendula
• split lips get ice
• splinters get tweezers & calendula
• skin rashes - air even on diaper rashes, and breast milk applied liberally to "creases"

- stomach flu - BRAT method: bananas, rice, applesauce & toast
know the signs of dehydration- dry lips, weakness, unresponsiveness.

- stomachache - hot water bottle or chamomile herbal tea & chamomile essential oil

- teething pain, discomfort swollen gums - nursing, wooden teething rings, ice chips, and frozen peas

- thrush - vinegar & baking soda swabbed inside babies cheeks, probiotics are also in power form. Contact LLLI.org too.

Love Mayim!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

From Womb to Room

In honor of this week being Truman's 27th week aka the 3rd trimester I decided to complete a pregnancy questionnaire.

How far along? 27 weeks! 90 days to go! The big 3T!

Total weight gain/loss? +12-14lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes, but I still wear non-maternity yoga pants and some longer t-shirts (starting to steal James')

Stretch marks? None, thank goodness. I put on my stretch mark cream everyday.

Sleep? 0-1 potty breaks a night. Some sleeplessness

Wedding Rings on/off: On! Swelling has been minimal *knock on wood*

Best moment last week? Getting my great-grandmas rocker in the house, receiving a handmade gift from a sweet customer- 2 hats & a blanket

Movement? yes everyday! He's been throwing some real good ones, nothing painful though. Love him!
Movement History: felt first kick at 18 weeks, James felt kicks at 21 weeks, felt hiccups at 24 weeks

Food cravings? Nutella, peanut butter, pad Thai, chocolate (not all at the same time)

Gender? Boy!

Labor signs? None, just the pulling uterus pains & some tightening.

Belly button in/out? Very much in

What I miss: Red Wine?

Milestones: Excited to be in the 3rd trimester! Sad to see the "honeymoon" stage go though. I have a feeling this one will be wild!
Another milestone- he weighs 2 lbs!

I've posted some pics of his room on here. I'm proud to say it's almost done! I ordered 2 pics to match his nursery & my buddy Ashley is making me "letters" for his room! Can't wait! I already know where I'm going to put them!

Friday, April 13, 2012

They Don't Make 'Em Like This Anymore

We heard earlier this week that our friend and my next door neighbor, Warren "Slim" Lollar passed away. Slim had been battling prostate cancer for about ten months. Slim was eighty-eight years old.
More importantly... Slim was a gem. A man of few words, and always kind. I used to be fascinated by how TALL he was when I was little and more over, how SKINNY he was, he's always been a bean pole...
Maybe that's how his nickname came to be?
Slim had very little things and desired nothing. If I was to guess he lived a life of simplicity and peace. He had a very close friend, Benny. Benny and he were thick as thieves. Before Slim was unable to travel, Benny would take him everywhere with him, errands, lunch, to visit others, and even to work. I honestly use to worry that Slim was lonely but since he and Benny were such good friends, I knew that he was not alone.
I'll be honest when I heard the news that Slim passed away I was relieved for him. I know that he had been hurting for quite awhile. My parents would go see him in the nursing home, I only made it once, and when I did go I cried like a baby. It hurt me so bad to see him in the shape he was in because that was so unlike Slim.
Benny would go see him most nights. So that being said, even though I was relieved for Slim I mourned and am still mourning  for Benny. A friendship that strong and true is rare and it is awe inspiring. They were friends not for competition, comparison, gossip, proximity.  They were simply just friends, who enjoyed each others company, respected one another, and even when times were tough they were there for each other, no matter what or no matter where.
I can only hope to be half the kind of friend that they were to each other.
For knowing this man all my life, I know so little about him. He was a man of few words, but I do know that everyone, and I mean everyone that knew Slim liked him. That too is a rare quality.

To a great man, may he rest in peace. I have no doubt that he is in heaven with his entire family that preceded him in death. What a joyous homecoming it must be.
Warren "Slim" Lollar

Slims home, the Lollar homestead. Please know that in this weather he was staying at Benny's house.

Slim with James & I
* Special Thanks to Miles Witt Boyer for taking these pictures of Slim on our wedding day.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter has came and went... I'm still trying to recover. I didn't think my feet would ever stop aching!
We had twenty-eight people at our house yesterday!
And enough food to feed 70 people!
We partied down, blew bubbles, grilled hot dogs, ate like crazy, hunted eggs, played with G.I. Joes, smashed confetti eggs, had a birthday party, ate cake and desserts, fishing tackle, and lit paper lanterns.
Did I mention we had a blast!?
Party time!
Hank showing off his adorable fabric banners

just some of the eggs that we hid!

My Pintrest Eggs
Birthday Girl- Carlie B is FIVE!?!!

This little expression made me laugh until I cried

such a ham!
The Great Easter Egg Hunt!
Hadley & her Mimi

Carlie & Ty

Ty & Quentin

The wonderful Samples Family. Love you guys!

Little turkeys who've stolen my heart
The Paper Lanterns AKA Tangled Time
so curious

Running after the lantern, so sweet!


Lastly... The Bumps!
Me with Jenny and Anna Kate err and Truman, Braden & Berkley :)

It's TIME BRADEN, GET OUT OF THERE!!!! We all can not wait to meet you!

Thank you to everyone who came out, we're truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. 

Much More Easter Pictures  

Friday, April 6, 2012

The main men in my life

Recently I bought Truman the Dr. Seuss book "have I ever told you how lucky you are" and I can't wait to read it to him.
At the same time I'm continually reminding myself how lucky I am. I've got this sexy (Amish looking) hard working, patient, sweet, low key, funny husband. This GOOFY dog & our sweet baby boy who is about 100 days away from being born!
I was awake this morning at 4AM thinking about about 100 different things, my friend Jenny going into labor (hurry), money, clutter, the baby, my labor, breast feeding, etc. I laid awake from 4:00-5:30 when James got up to go to work and finally fell back asleep. I've been paying for my midnight stroll around my brain for most of the day.
I did learn a few things, stop worrying you're only going to make yourself sick and STFU you're a lucky girl with silly little problems. Now I need to read another book that I bought Tru to myself: The Sleep Book :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This is what we are doing... & what we want to do.

We're hosting EASTER this year at "The Greenhouse"!
I'm pumped up about it, plans are to have a great lunch & easter egg hunt!
So thanks to Pinterest we've done the following to prepare for Easter-

Covered the lawn & landscape with food grade Diatomaceous Earth.

Source: buzzle.com via April on Pinterest

Thank goodness it rained last night. Our yard has been powered up!

Last night I strung fishing line through the holes of my plastic Easter eggs & hung them up in the trees in our front yard. I can't wait for the kiddos to see them this weekend, I think they'll be excited about the hunt!

In the spirit of Easter/little boy coming I've got a mailbox wrap in the make that will be similar, but more boy geared for our mailbox!

Source: etsy.com via April on Pinterest

Now... What I want to do...
I really want to make these for Easter this year/use them next year for a Tru Photo shoot.

I'll do my best to take lots of pics this weekend of the family festivities. I can't wait!

Lastly, I made some of these last night... I opted for strawberry banana. They're good, weird looking but good. Definitely need sugar to taste.
Suggestion: don't eat anything else with them I had an egg sandwich with nine this AM and I am miserable.

PS... My brother sent me this... Point taken.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mother Trucker

Today I went to Target & bought myself an Easter dress so I got this adorable purple dress, metallic gladiator sandals and some of my favorite shampoo.
The girl bagged it up & I went on my merry little way. I did the rest of my errands and came home. I decided to get my dress out and hang it up before it wrinkled.
But when I reached in the bag... And felt what I felt... Let's just say "mother trucker" wasn't exactly what I exclaimed.
The entire bottle of shampoo emptied out onto my dress and sandals. I immediately threw the dress into the washer... Here's hoping the shampoo didn't ruin the dress!