Tuesday, April 24, 2012

And we're back!

James and I went with my folks on a mini-vaca last week to Mississippi and a bit of Louisiana!
The first couple days were very "propane related" as you may or may not know my dad is Hank Hill...

We looked at propane tanks, bulk plants etc. We met up with dads friend, Solan Scott and his charming wife Teresita for dinner at this fun restaurant were every table has its own room for a "cozy dining experience" in Greenwood, MS.
The next day we got to tour Solan's catfish farm, America's Catch. His catfish farm contains over 500 ponds and they process 220,000-230,000 lbs of catfish a DAY! We got to visit the hatchery, ponds and processing plant. The circle of catfish life if you will.
It was amazing to me how organized and efficient the plant was, some of those people were so busy that they couldn't even look up. Made me appreciate my job.
James with his processing plant garb on (made me laugh)
We arrived at Natchez, MS Wednesday and vaca'ed until Sunday morning. We took a mini trip to Baton Rouge, and drove through the river-walk area, campus and past some cool houses. I LOVED the Live Oaks with Spanish Moss ugh! Toured an old house called Longwood, it's never been finished on the inside and is like five stories tall. It's a long story, go take the tour ;)

Other than the tour we generally just loafed around, window shopped and ate like fattening hogs.

Baton Rouge- Couldn't resist "James was here"

Last night I got to take a shot at my very first newborn "shoot". I went over to Jenny and Taylor's house to play with baby Braden. Y'all this little boy is perfect in every way. I got a little misty a few times just looking at him and playing with him. He's so awesome. Even though he never fell asleep, I think we still got a lot of good ones!
Braden Lee you are the stinking cutest lil booger there is!!!

Last and least, Moi. 28 weeks this week! Went to the Doctor today, all's well, tummy is "perfect" which REALLY makes me laugh as that sucker hasn't been perfect since prepubescent 10 year old athletic April.
I've been noticing this knot towards the top of my ribs to the left of my sternum (about marble sized) Dr. Bailey said it's nothing to be of concern with now that it's either a lymphoid or a calcium deposit, however it is tender. (cough, cough hypochondriac)
Baby boy is HEAD DOWN! I'm glad to hear that!
And I think that's about it!  


  1. The trip sounds fun! I love Natchez and Baton Rouge! The baby boy is precious and looks just like Taylor.

  2. Love seeing baby B :) You are looking great!

  3. I just came here to look for belly pictures but I enjoyed your rage-o story too! My mom had an experience like this once in Walmart over a lay-away christmas tree. The lady blocked her car till the cops came. Only in AR. People are crazy! :) LOL Anyways I LOVE your belly pic! So cute! And I love your survey. It makes me miss old myspace surveys! Congrats on make it to 3T & as always on your awesome weight control!


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