Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beyond The Sling {I can read?!}

I have been reading!!
Wow, I know.
I've also managed to not quit this book!
More importantly- I started this book with some pretty strong ideas of how I planned to parent, obviously similar to my folks because that's all I know. However, Mayim has given me some insightful alternatives.
Every chapter I've read, I've thought "______ would love this chapter." or "_____ has talked about this before!"

So far I've read chapters on:
Potty training
Baby Wearing
Home remedies

And I'm only 58% through my book according to my kindle app.

I've found every chapter useful & informative. Oh and not condescending or annoying. Apparently there's a super handy Resource Section at the end of the book {squeal!}.

Moving on, I thought this section was so informative I emailed screen-shots to some of my gals, and then later I decided that that wasn't accessible enough so I para-typed it all out a couple nights ago. I hope I don't get sued for "copying" a part of it. Now make yourself a hand, go buy the book. Part of me wishes I had the physical book to highlight & whatnot but this will just have to do.

Beyond the Sling Home Remedies

- baby acne - do nothing not even soap, water only.

- cradle cap - almond or jojoba oil & a small baby comb can loosen flakes.

- bumps, bruises - holding, cuddling & an ice pack

- cough/croup - nonmedicinal herbal chest rub, salty air. If baby is struggling for air seek medical help immediately

- earache - garlic drops in the ears, breast milk in the ear, diluted hydrogen peroxide (see resources)

- fever - tepid baths, cold washcloths, minimal clothing, close monitoring of baby's energy level.

- headache - cold washcloth, lavender oil infused or rubbed on temples, warm baths with a few drops of lavender oil to calm & treat

- insect bites (including stings) - tea tree & lavender oils or breast milk

- plugged tear duct/ eye inflammation- gentle & frequent massage of tear duct (toward the bridge of the nose) & breast milk squirted/dropped into the eye works wonders

- respiratory flu (congestion, runny nose, weepy eyes, exhaustion) A few drops of eucalyptus oil in the bottom of a shower basin with hot water running can steam up a bathroom & relieve congestion. A cut up onion wrapped up in a sack/cloth & placed near a child's pillow encourages the mucus membranes to run. Plus rest & fluids.

- skinned knees, split lips & splinters - skinned knees get ice, kisses & and nonmedicinal cream like calendula
• split lips get ice
• splinters get tweezers & calendula
• skin rashes - air even on diaper rashes, and breast milk applied liberally to "creases"

- stomach flu - BRAT method: bananas, rice, applesauce & toast
know the signs of dehydration- dry lips, weakness, unresponsiveness.

- stomachache - hot water bottle or chamomile herbal tea & chamomile essential oil

- teething pain, discomfort swollen gums - nursing, wooden teething rings, ice chips, and frozen peas

- thrush - vinegar & baking soda swabbed inside babies cheeks, probiotics are also in power form. Contact too.

Love Mayim!!!


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