Tuesday, April 17, 2012

From Womb to Room

In honor of this week being Truman's 27th week aka the 3rd trimester I decided to complete a pregnancy questionnaire.

How far along? 27 weeks! 90 days to go! The big 3T!

Total weight gain/loss? +12-14lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes, but I still wear non-maternity yoga pants and some longer t-shirts (starting to steal James')

Stretch marks? None, thank goodness. I put on my stretch mark cream everyday.

Sleep? 0-1 potty breaks a night. Some sleeplessness

Wedding Rings on/off: On! Swelling has been minimal *knock on wood*

Best moment last week? Getting my great-grandmas rocker in the house, receiving a handmade gift from a sweet customer- 2 hats & a blanket

Movement? yes everyday! He's been throwing some real good ones, nothing painful though. Love him!
Movement History: felt first kick at 18 weeks, James felt kicks at 21 weeks, felt hiccups at 24 weeks

Food cravings? Nutella, peanut butter, pad Thai, chocolate (not all at the same time)

Gender? Boy!

Labor signs? None, just the pulling uterus pains & some tightening.

Belly button in/out? Very much in

What I miss: Red Wine?

Milestones: Excited to be in the 3rd trimester! Sad to see the "honeymoon" stage go though. I have a feeling this one will be wild!
Another milestone- he weighs 2 lbs!

I've posted some pics of his room on here. I'm proud to say it's almost done! I ordered 2 pics to match his nursery & my buddy Ashley is making me "letters" for his room! Can't wait! I already know where I'm going to put them!


  1. Yea, no stretch marks! The last thing you want is a body road map. Trust me I know:-( When I was pregnant, I peed all the tiiiiime. I should have changed my name to Pee Pee McGee:-)I don't miss that.

    1. Oh wait no *new* stretch marks. I have a plenty from puberty, pizza & fried food :-/


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