Friday, April 13, 2012

They Don't Make 'Em Like This Anymore

We heard earlier this week that our friend and my next door neighbor, Warren "Slim" Lollar passed away. Slim had been battling prostate cancer for about ten months. Slim was eighty-eight years old.
More importantly... Slim was a gem. A man of few words, and always kind. I used to be fascinated by how TALL he was when I was little and more over, how SKINNY he was, he's always been a bean pole...
Maybe that's how his nickname came to be?
Slim had very little things and desired nothing. If I was to guess he lived a life of simplicity and peace. He had a very close friend, Benny. Benny and he were thick as thieves. Before Slim was unable to travel, Benny would take him everywhere with him, errands, lunch, to visit others, and even to work. I honestly use to worry that Slim was lonely but since he and Benny were such good friends, I knew that he was not alone.
I'll be honest when I heard the news that Slim passed away I was relieved for him. I know that he had been hurting for quite awhile. My parents would go see him in the nursing home, I only made it once, and when I did go I cried like a baby. It hurt me so bad to see him in the shape he was in because that was so unlike Slim.
Benny would go see him most nights. So that being said, even though I was relieved for Slim I mourned and am still mourning  for Benny. A friendship that strong and true is rare and it is awe inspiring. They were friends not for competition, comparison, gossip, proximity.  They were simply just friends, who enjoyed each others company, respected one another, and even when times were tough they were there for each other, no matter what or no matter where.
I can only hope to be half the kind of friend that they were to each other.
For knowing this man all my life, I know so little about him. He was a man of few words, but I do know that everyone, and I mean everyone that knew Slim liked him. That too is a rare quality.

To a great man, may he rest in peace. I have no doubt that he is in heaven with his entire family that preceded him in death. What a joyous homecoming it must be.
Warren "Slim" Lollar

Slims home, the Lollar homestead. Please know that in this weather he was staying at Benny's house.

Slim with James & I
* Special Thanks to Miles Witt Boyer for taking these pictures of Slim on our wedding day.


  1. What a sweet, sweet tribute, April. Thanks for sharing your words. I just love reading your blog. XOXOXOX, Cinnamon

  2. Awww...I didn't know Slim but your post touched me.

  3. This made me tear up a little! I've known who he was all my life too. He was sweet as pie and a little mysterious to me as a child. I saw him nearly ever my time I went to the Clifty store growing up!


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